As I shake my head in wonder and disgust

This really is completely unimportant at this point. The election is over and no one will remember this in four years.

A week or so before the election, reports came out in the local affiliate of the official Obama campaign propaganda dissemination network paper about a hoax flier that was circulating purporting to be from the Virginia Board of Elections. According to this flier, due to expected heavy voter turnout, Republicans should show up to cast their votes on the 4th and Democrats should wait until the 5th.

Although it gave me a little chuckle, it’s an old joke that dates back to at least the 2000 and 2004 campaigns. I’ve seen basically the same thing only telling Republicans to vote on the wrong day.

Of course, local democrats were up in arms about this one because it was OBVIOUSLY an effort by the “evil rethuglicans” to suppress the vote for Obama.

Never mind the fact that Obama supporters would have to be complete idiots to fall for such a ridiculous and obvious hoax.

Just a day or so before the election, the same propaganda mouthpiece paper, reported that the source of the hoax flier had been discovered but no charges would be filed because it was nothing more than a “joke gone awry.”

The outrage from the left was palpable. “Heads Should Roll!” some proclaimed “Crucify Him!” others shouted. Apparently drawing and quartering would be too gentle a punishment for such a heinous crime as far as the Obamabots were concerned.

At the time I thought this a little strange. I couldn’t imagine such a “joke” being simply written off.

But today, the plot thickens…and actually begins to make some sense:

As it turns out, campaign workers for Barack Obama may have unwittingly played a role in events that led to the distribution of a phony election flier telling Republicans to vote one day and Democrats another. [emphasis added -ed]

An unidentified Hampton Roads man who created the flier showed it to a few co-workers, one of whom alerted officials at an Obama campaign office in Hampton Roads.

The document was forwarded to a campaign attorney, who contacted state election officials about the flier and also scanned it into a computer as an electronic file to share with other campaign staff.

“It was in no way physically circulating,” she said. “The way it circulated by the Internet was via one of the campaign’s attorneys who scanned it and forwarded it to some folks. That’s how it circulated.”

“Unwittingly?” Bullocks.

I wonder which candidate the “unidentified man” who created the flier supported?

This wasn’t a story about a hoax flier…this was a hoax story.

This entire ordeal was nothing more than a ruse, created and executed by Obama supporters to smear Republicans…and was promulgated and publicized by a willing local media…who not only played along willingly, but misreported it in the first place (by claiming that it was a physical flier being distributed, not an e-mail) and then suppressing the actual truth behind the matter until after the election was safely over.

More and more the Democrats prove beyond doubt that they truly are the “evil party”.

Say…where are all the calls coming from the left to prosecute the perpetrators of this hoax now?

Anyone? Bueller?


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