I’d better see heads on spikes in front of city hall for this

Further to the previous posts about the arrest of the “Hula Hoop Lady” on Granby street that I commented upon earlier.

For those who don’t like to click links, the gist of it is that there is a lady who was disabled in a car accident many years ago who gets her exercise by Hula Hooping in the median of Granby Street near where she lives.

Someone reported that she had her music up to loud several weeks ago. The lady is mentally challenged, has short term memory loss and has physical disabilities the preclude full range of motion in several of her limbs.

The Police responded to the “loud noise” call and, in the process, Charged the Hula Hoop lady with assault and resisting arrest. In the process of subduing this dangerous criminal, the Norfolk Police department found it necessary to employ a Taser and shock her “multiple times”.

This morning, the Virginian Pilot reports that the Prosecutor has dropped the charges against this vicious threat to society following release of the video shot by a camera on the Taser.


She can CLEARLY be heard repeatedly telling the officer that her arm was fractured and pinned in an accident. You can also repeatedly hear the officer acknowledge that he knows who she is “You’re out here all the time…you can put your hands behind your back”, that he understands what she’s saying…and that he clearly couldn’t care less.

She finally gets frustrated and swears at him at which time he fires the Taser and starts shocking her.

Excuse my language, but this authoritarian Prick has no business with a badge and a gun.

If he can’t control a mentally and physically disabled woman, who may not even have a clear understanding of what’s going on, without electrocuting her…what’s he do when someone refuses to show ID when he stops them for legally openly carrying a firearm? Just shoot them out of hand?

The Norfolk Police Department has a serious problem. If the Chief of Police and the city council won’t do anything about it (and they have, thus far, proven unwilling to do so), then we need a new city council and a new Chief of Police.

I am absolutely sickened by this. I used to include a disclaimer in my criticisms of the Norfolk Police Department that I respect them and that I know that most of them truly try to do their best in a tough job.

That respect is waning daily with further incidents like this and the Dan Moore fiasco.

If there actually ARE any conscientious, caring Police Officers left in the NPD, they had better get a handle on the authoritarians and jerkwads among them if they hope to retain any shred of credibility into the future.


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