One step closer to justice?

[Update] More info from WAVY TV 10. [/Update]

The prosecution’s change of venue motion in the Ryan Frederick Case was denied.

Judge Marjorie A.T. Arrington ruled this afternoon that the trial of Ryan Frederick – who is accused of killing a city police detective – will stay in Chesapeake.

Arrington said the Circuit Court will attempt to seat a jury in Chesapeake for the trial scheduled to start Jan. 20. If it is unable to, she will consider a change of venue then.

As far as I’m concerned, this is a very good sign that the judge is going to treat this case fairly. If the prosecution’s case is sound, there is no reason to suspect that a Chesapeake Jury won’t be able to evaluate the evidence and reach a fair decision. I believe that the Prosecution’s motion was nothing more than an attempt to go “jury shopping” and get the case moved to a location that is less apt to be sympathetic to the plight of this man.

This trial needs to be held here and it needs to be held publicly. We cannot let our employees in government get away with brushing this under the rug. There are still way too many questions about the tactics of dynamic entry and the policies of the Chesapeake Police Department in general and the conduct of the officers in this case specifically.

To donate to Ryan Frederick’s defense fund there is a link in the sidebar. For previous posts on this subject, click the “Ryan Frederick” label at the bottom of this post.


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