Three things:

First, I’ll be traveling to Indiana this weekend. Unfortunately not for good reasons. My Aunt Helen passed away suddenly and I’ll be going for her funeral. Which means a quick trip and mostly family time with no opportunity to visit the many and very fine Indiana gun bloggers out there.

They’re calling for snow showers and lows in the 20’s in West Virginia as I pass through so the bike is out of the question. Even driving the behemoth, for those of you praying types out there, a good word with the Big Guy for travel mercies would be in order and you might mention Aunt Helen’s immediate family in there as well for their loss. Thanks in advance.

Two: The electric furnace in the older section of the house started getting hinky the other day. I ended up having to replace the cutoff breaker and breaker box. After that uneventful operation, it wouldn’t come on at all. Hmmm. An internet search for troubleshooting tips turned up a link to a virtual smörgåsbord of installation manuals, maintenance guides and schematics for Carrier heating and air conditioning systems. With the help of the schematic, I quickly found the trouble (I’d knocked a wire loose from the Sequencer while troubleshooting the earlier problem) and got it back online quickly and without having to pay an HVAC guy to come out.

Just thought I’d share that link in case anyone else ever needs one. Ain’t the Internet a wonderful thing?

Three: Related to “the Internet is a Wonderful Thing”, I was searching for aftermarket sights for one of my latest acquisitions which I have yet to actually get around to blogging about, when I stumbed across this incredible animation of assembling a 1911. That is some cool stuff right there.

I doubt that I’ll have much time for blogging between now and leaving tomorrow around noontime so I’ll see y’all (sorry, I should have used the plural…ALL y’all) when I get back from Hoosierville.


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