I Survived

The hernia surgery went well except that the hernia was much larger than the surgeon was expecting. The patch he put in was about twice the size that he was originally expecting. The incision is about 5 inches long.

I’d post a picture of it, but he made the incision in the fold of my belly fat so it’s probably not something that anyone would want to see anyway. Jason Stratham abs I cannot claim.

It’s never been as immensely painful as I had been told and was expecting. The first couple of days it was fairly painful to stand up or move around much, but as long as I was taking it easy, it wasn’t bad at all. Now it’s more just uncomfortable than anything else. I guess the patch hasn’t adhered to my abdominal wall yet and I can feel it inside there which is a bit weird, but I wouldn’t call it painful per se.

I do still have a couple of vicodin left, but they make my head a bit fuzzy so I won’t take them until after working hours tonight.

My wife has been incredible. She knows that I have a very high pain tolerance so she’s been adamant that I not do ANYTHING that she can do for me. She’s been waiting on me hand and foot for 5 days now with nary a complaint or unkind word. She’s actually scolded me a couple of times when I did things for myself that she would have done for me had I asked. She’s been absolutely wonderful and I can’t thank her enough. Beautiful and kind and caring to boot? I struck it rich with her. If you’re reading this baby, I love you.

Anyway, I just wanted to give everyone an update and thank you all for your well-wishes and prayers.


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