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Last week my wife and I traveled to Omaha to surprise my brother for his 40th Birthday. The surprise was successful and even more than we expected as his son (who currently resides in North Carolina) made the trip as well and surprised pretty much everyone (except my niece who was in on the conspiracy).

Next week on Wednesday I’m having surgery to fix a hernia that I recently became painfully aware of (literally).

Added to some other personal issues that have been going on lately and I simply haven’t had the time or motivation for blogging lately. I’m sure I’ve lost some regular readers as a result, but heck…you get what you pay for right?

With that said, for anyone else out there who has been pining for my words of…um…wisdom…I feel that I should forewarn you not to expect much more in the way of political discussion from this blog.

As I said shortly after the media’s Obama’s victory, I am just feeling very negative about things right now and I simply don’t want to inflict my pessimism on everyone else. Additionally, as most of you are probably aware, our community is going through another of it’s seemingly endless petty squabbles wherein people who should be supporting and helping each other are flinging childish names and schoolyard insults. It simply disgusts me. So many people find the need to be so negative toward anyone who doesn’t see things exactly the way they do…that simply can’t WAIT to find fault in someone else’s efforts and opinions…and not just to disagree with them, but to call them “stupid” or “moron” or “idiots”.

Can’t we all just get along? Apparently not.

At any rate, I have significantly thinned down the RSS feeds that I read every day and will probably thin them even more in the future. I will continue to read some blogs and comment on them and I may occasionally comment on events of the day here, but that will not be the focus of this blog for the foreseeable future.

One of the things that I get the most satisfaction out of is the many comments and e-mails I receive every week from people who have found my gunsmithing posts useful and informative. Those posts also comprise the majority of the hits that I get.

To that end, the focus of this blog is going to become the gunsmithing posts. For those of you who have read in the past for my political/Second Amendment rantings: What’s wrong with you??? There are plenty of other much more informed and eloquent bloggers out there who hit these subjects every day. Just ramble through my blogroll for a while and you’ll find plenty of alternatives whom you will find do it better than I ever did anyway.

If you’re reading because of the gunsmithing stuff, you’re in the right place and you can look forward to much more of it as I have the time and inclination. I’ve got several projects planned for the future and I’ve still got some unfinished posts to get put up. Please be patient because these are the most difficult and time consuming posts to put together so don’t expect a high volume of posting here in the future…but as I get projects started/completed and work my way through learning this gunsmithing stuff, I’ll do my best to get my trials and tribulations published here.


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