Update on Ryan Frederick

From Dr. Tabor at Tidewater Liberty.

The most telling revelation for me was this:

We then learned, in response to a question by the defense, that the alleged marijuana plants which were claimed to have been removed from the garage in the burglary were not turned over to the police, and have not been verified to have even been marijuana or even to have existed at all.

No plants were recovered at the time of the raid.

There’s much more, so read the whole thing.

I knew no plants were recovered during the raid, but a doubt about Frederick’s innocence was introduced when the Prosecutor and police revealed that the “burglars” had reportedly stolen half of the marijuana plants from Frederick before tipping the Police about the “grow operation.”

The implication was, of course, that the “tipsters” had turned over at least some of the marijuana plants to the Police. The implication, however, appears at this point to be false. No plants were ever turned over to the Police, which means we are back to square one.

The Police executed a dynamic raid on a citizen with a full time job and no criminal record on nothing more than the word of your typical street criminal who also happened to have a grudge against the victim of the raid. No investigation was conducted, cursory looks at the house before the raid identified no unusual activity and the warrant may very well have been (I would say “was probably”, but I’m trying to offer the benefit of the doubt) obtained under false pretenses.

I return to the contention that the tragic death of Detective Jarrod Shivers falls squarely at the feet of the Chesapeake Police Department and that Ryan Frederick is nothing more than a scape goat.

Dr. Tabor also reported a ruling that the prosecution does not have to show their tapes of the crime re-enactment over to the defense. I agree with his assessment of that action: Why would the prosecution withhold something like that? Could it be that the re-enactment doesn’t completely jibe with the charges being made? Like…for instance…Detective Shivers WAS actually in the act of crawling through the broken door when he was shot, versus standing on the front step or on the front lawn as has been contended in the days since?

There is no way to know, but the re-enactment is generally done fairly soon after an event like this so that the memories of those involved are as fresh as possible. The re-enactment should, therefore, logically be considered the most accurate representation of what actually happened. Why would that be something to withhold from the defense?

Anyway, it occurs to me that the Police and Prosecutor are not seeking justice…they are seeking vengeance…and they are seeking to cover their own butts.


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