CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 10

In the first post of the series, we Introduced the CZ-82 to our collection and identified the areas that needed work.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 1, we discussed the loose grips issue and disassembled the slide components.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 2, we disassembled the magazine catch and lightened the magazine catch spring tension.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 3, we removed and disassembled the safety and disassembled the slide.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 4, we removed the slide stop and spring, and then the trigger, trigger spring and trigger bar.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 5, we removed main spring, hammer, sear, and associated other fire control parts.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 6, we covered the basic trigger job.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 7, we reinstalled the hammer strut, hammer, sear, auto safety, ejector, and disconnector.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 8, we reinstalled the trigger, trigger bar and trigger spring.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 9, we reinstalled the mainspring and plug and the safety assembly.

In this edition, we’re going to reinstall the slide stop.

The trigger guard latch pin is also an integral part of the slide stop installation so it will be installed in this edition as well.

First, the slide stop goes easily into its hole in the frame from the left side. Note the hole in the slide stop shaft.

After the slide stop is fully seated, the hole will be basically right up against the edge of the frame. It is a little hard to see in the pictures so I used an arrow to point it out.

The straight end of the slide stop spring slides into the hole in the slide stop shaft.

Next, get the trigger guard latch pin started into its hole. It should be inserted from the left side of the frame and the part with the small “nipple” should be inserted first.

After the pin is started, use needle nose pliers, a dental pick or other instrument to push the slide stop spring up into the frame and out of the way of the trigger housing pin. Then push the pin the in until it contacts the other side of the frame.

As soon as the pin is in far enough to prevent the spring from popping down below it, you can release the spring.

Then tap the trigger housing latch pin the rest of the way in. It should go in fairly easily until the right (smaller) part starts to go into the hole on the right side of the frame. At that point, it should require a tap or two to seat it.

After the pin is fully seated, the recessed ring around the pin should be visible toward the left side of the frame. The crooked end of the slide stop spring pops into that recessed ring to hold the spring in place and maintain spring tension on the slide stop.

Now the slide stop should held in place by the spring. You should be able to push it down easily, but it should pop back up under spring tension when released.

That’s it. Next we’ll install the magazine catch into the trigger guard housing and install the trigger guard housing onto the frame.

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11 thoughts on “CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 10

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  2. I broke the trigger guard pin on mine – the one that holds the slide stop spring. CZ will sell you the roll pin version that goes in the 83 pistol, but I rather prefer the machined one on the 82. I made a new one from a piece of 1/8″ drill rod by chucking it in a drill clamped in the vice, then rather roughly “machining” it with needle files. It works fine!

  3. i ordered a bunch of “spare” parts for a CZ-82 i’d bought from a friend (that was missing about 30 pieces) the slide stop spring they sent me is L shaped i’m having a bear of a time getting it to stay in…..

    anyone else come across this L shaped slide stop spring and have any tips?

  4. ahh, Google is your friend, turns out CZ changed the design, L springs require drilling a hole somewhere in the frame to lock the new spring in place…

    now i hunt for a spring with a round end, supposedly a guy in florida makes them….

  5. Shouldn’t be too hard to make one, but I do know that someone on the internet sells them because another reader e-mailed me about the same issue.

    Hopefully he still makes/has them.

    • I know it is now 2019 and I am having a really hard time finding a trigger guard slide stop spring for my CZ 82. I have tried a couple of later models without success. If you have a source, I would love to hear from you.

  6. Thanks for posting your procedure! Really helped me a lot with my assembly. However, my trigger guard latch pin was a roll pin, making it a little hard to reinstall. I drove the roll pin just far enough to leave room to push the spring between the end of the pin and the frame, then used a brass hammer to quickly drive the pin in completely.

  7. I bent the original spring trying to reinstall it. I bought two spring kits from and both slide stop springs seemed too long. I pushed them as far back as they would go and they half circle does not engage the pin. I trimmed one down and it does not fit around the pin even after pushing on it. Maybe the one from P64source would be better.

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