CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 12

In the first post of the series, we Introduced the CZ-82 to our collection and identified the areas that needed work.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 1, we discussed the loose grips issue and disassembled the slide components.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 2, we disassembled the magazine catch and lightened the magazine catch spring tension.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 3, we removed and disassembled the safety and disassembled the slide.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 4, we removed the slide stop and spring, and then the trigger, trigger spring and trigger bar.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 5, we removed main spring, hammer, sear, and associated other fire control parts.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 6, we covered the basic trigger job.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 7, we reinstalled the hammer strut, hammer, sear, auto safety, ejector, and disconnector.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 8, we reinstalled the trigger, trigger bar and trigger spring.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 9, we reinstalled the mainspring and plug and the safety assembly.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 10, we reinstalled the slide stop and trigger guard latch pin.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 11, we reassembled the magazine catch and reinstalled the trigger guard.

In this edition, we’re going to reassemble the slide.

The slide reassembly is pretty straight forward. I didn’t remove the front sights so I don’t have pictures of reinstalling that.

The extractor spring goes into the well on the right side of the slide.

Then the extractor goes over the top of that.

I know that this picture is fuzzy, I apologize. After placing the extractor and spring into the slide, I used a punch through the extractor pin hole to hold the extractor and spring in place; then I clamped the slide into the padded jaws of my vise. That holds the slide and also keeps the extractor aligned properly for reinstalling the pin. Once it is clamped tightly, the punch is removed from the hole and the pin is driven in place. The hole in the slide may be peened or swaged at the bottom, so it will probably be easier to install the pin from the top.

Once seated correctly, the pin should not protrude past the top of the slide…

…nor should it protrude past the bottom. If it sticks out too much on the bottom, it will interfere with the movement of the slide.

Next is the firing pin and spring.

The “pointy end” of the firing pin slides into the spring, then the are both placed into the hole at the rear of the slide.

Then use a punch or some other tool to push the firing pin in enough for the firing pin stop to go in. It goes rounded side toward the top of the slide.

Once the stop is far enough down, remove the punch and then push the stop all the way down until the rear of the firing pin locks into the hole in the stop.

Then drive the rear sight in from right to left and center it on the slide.

As I said, I didn’t take the front sight off, but it is simply tapped into place and the roll-pin driven in.

Finally, put the slide back onto the frame. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take pictures of this while doing it because I’d recently finished my “CZ-82 Field Stripping” Video…which includes this part of assembly. It occurred to me that, for the sake of thoroughness, I should include reinstalling the slide onto the frame in these posts, so I went back and took pictures later. If you notice that the grips are already installed in these pictures, even though we haven’t covered that yet, that’s why.

Installing the slide onto the frame is simple. First, ensure that the trigger guard is pulled down into the “unlocked” position.

Slide the recoil spring over the barrel.

Catching the recoil spring and compressing it with the slide, slip the barrel through the hole in the front of the slide.

The slide will stay angled up as you move it rearward, compressing the recoil spring.

When the slide is completely to the rear, the rails will engage the frame and it will pop down into position.

Release the slide and allow it to return to its fully forward position.

Press up on the trigger guard to lock the slide in place. You should feel a definite “click” and the front of the trigger guard should move up a good quarter-inch or so.

And there you have it.

Next time we’ll install and review the Marschal grips that I bought for it and I’ll review and evaluate the changes, corrections that I made and I’ll discuss how I feel about the pistol now that I’ve had it for a while, been carrying it regularly and have put a few hundred rounds downrange.

Final Post of the series.


5 thoughts on “CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 12

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  2. Well, thanks to this guide I got mine all back together!! However, I noticed that when I shake the gun side to side, a small rattling can be heard. Actually, it’s kind of loud/noticeable. I don’t think I remember it being there before so this is new. Upon further investigation I found it was the front of the auto safety moving/rattling between the sear and ejector. Is this normal or a problem? How can this be fixed? It’s really annoying so I’d like to take care of it. Thanks in advance!

  3. I have to replace the extractor assembly as they fell out somewhere. You don’t say how to secure the extractor pin so that this doesn’t happen again. Thanks

  4. Sorry for your troubles, I’m not a professional gunsmith as I’ve said many times in my posts. I’ve completely disassembled, refinished and reassembled three CZ-82’s and in each of the ones I did, the extractor pin was a tight fit and none of them have worked loose after reassembly. Notice my post says that it has to be driven into place.

    So, basically, your mileage may vary. If the pin doesn’t seem to be a tight fit when you drive it in, the pin may be worn. You can try to get a new pin from CZ-USA, or try swaging it into place after installing the extractor.

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