CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 8

In the first post of the series, we Introduced the CZ-82 to our collection and identified the areas that needed work.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 1, we discussed the loose grips issue and disassembled the slide components.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 2, we disassembled the magazine catch and lightened the magazine catch spring tension.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 3, we removed and disassembled the safety and disassembled the slide.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 4, we removed the slide stop and spring, and then the trigger, trigger spring and trigger bar.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 5, we removed main spring, hammer, sear, and associated other fire control parts.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 6, we covered the basic trigger job.
In CZ-82 Gunsmithing Part 7, we reinstalled the hammer strut, hammer, sear, auto safety, ejector, and disconnector.

In this edition, we’re going to reinstall the trigger parts.

As usual, click all pix to make bigger.

First, it’s hard to see how they go together when installed in the frame, so lets take a look at the components and how they go together before we install them.

This is laid out exactly as they should go together (albeit upside down).

There are holes for the trigger spring in both the trigger bar and the trigger itself.

As you are putting the parts together, be sure the spring is oriented correctly and that the spring arms go into the holes in both the trigger bar and trigger.

To assemble, first put the trigger bar in through the magazine well.

It may take a little finagling, but shouldn’t be too difficult.

The rear of the trigger bar will seat into the notch in the riveted on plate on the right side of the grip frame.

You have to push the front of the trigger bar down below the frame to install the trigger spring and trigger. To keep from occupying a hand to hold the trigger bar in position, I used a jeweler’s screwdriver to hold the trigger bar down in the proper position.

The trigger spring is now installed with the coil down and the arm of the spring into the hole in the trigger bar.

Next, holding the trigger out straight, slide the trigger into place ensuring that the other arm of the spring goes into the hole in the trigger.

At this point, I used a dental pick to hold the three pieces in position. If you don’t do this, you will have to try to hold all three pieces while inserting the small pin into the holes. Basically, there are two holes in the trigger bar, two holes in the trigger and the coil of the spring that all have to be properly aligned to get the pin to go though. I found that lining them up with the dental pick and then sliding it out as I slid the pin in made it go very smoothly.

The pin does not fit tightly…it is held in by the frame so it shouldn’t need to be driven in, it should just slide into place. Wiggle the dental pick around if you need to as the pin is going in and the pick is coming out to get all the holes aligned as the pin goes in.

Then remove the jewelers screwdriver that was keeping the trigger bar propped below the frame, turn the trigger down into position (if the trigger bar, trigger and spring were all installed correctly, there should be some spring tension), align the trigger pivot hole with the holes in the frame and install the trigger pin. The trigger pin will need to be driven in but shouldn’t require more than gentle taps to get it in.

There you have it. Next up: Installing the mainspring and safety.

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