Opeing Arguments in the Ryan Frederick Trial

Report in the Virginian Pilot.

No real surprises:

Ryan Frederick was “stoned out of his mind” and “in an angry, blind rage” when he killed a Chesapeake detective during a drug raid a year ago and later told a jail inmate that if he had more ammunition, “he would have taken them all down,” a prosecutor told jurors Wednesday.

Frederick’s attorney, James Broccoletti, told the jury a different version, saying there was no evidence Frederick was stoned that night and a detective will testify that Frederick was sober during questioning.

With his dogs barking and his television blaring, Frederick never heard officers yelling “police,” Broccoletti said. Officers pulled up in unmarked vans and wore dark clothing. Frederick also never saw any police insignia. The word “police” wasn’t visible on Shivers’ clothing, he said.


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