Ryan Frederick Update

Radley Balko’s doing a great job of keeping up with this and I can’t improve on anything he had to say so just head on over there for his take.

I will add, however, that an article in the paper today says that the visit to Frederick’s home was not canceled, but delayed in order to give the judge, attorney’s and Frederick time to visit the home to:

determine if any items were lying around that would be inappropriate for the jury to see.

Probably a good idea for the defense. Frederick hasn’t been in the home for months. The Police have had free access to it and so have the prosecutors. I’m not [italicized word added as a correction after initial posting -ed] saying the Police may have planted anything, but they may have left something laying around that could impugn the character of Frederick while being irrelevant to the case (how many people have potentially embarrassing things…magazines, pictures, um…marital aids…stashed away somewhere that could be embarrassing, but have nothing to do with whether you are a violent drug dealer?).

With that said…based upon the conduct of the prosecutor so far (withholding evidence and lying about what it contained to justify withholding it, sending an officer who’s testimony directly contradicts the prosecutor’s opening statement off to Georgia for “training”, trying to get a change of venue to ensure that the STATE gets a “fair trial”, etc), it wouldn’t surprise me overly if they intentionally left anything embarrassing they may have found out in plain view for the jury to see.

The delay was a good idea.


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