Virginia Restaurant Ban Petition

You may remember that last year we got VCDL sponsored legislation to repeal the ban on concealed defensive firearms in restaurants that serve alcohol all the way to the Governor’s desk last year. Unfortunately, the Governor chose to ignore his campaign promises to support gun rights and vetoed the bill.

The provision has been introduced again this year and stands a good chance of making it past the General Assembly again. The one thing we can do that may convince the Governor (who does have aspirations of higher office) to sign the bill is to let our voices be heard and let him know in no uncertain terms that this bill has strong public support. To that end:

VCDL has set up an online petition to Repeal the Restaurant Ban on concealed carry in restaurants.

We want to let the Legislature AND the Governor know that Virginians WANT this absurd ban repealed!

Even if you can’t attend Lobby Day, you can make your voice heard — sign the petition.

Spread the word. Post the petition link on blogs and discussion forums. Get your friends, family members, and shooting buddies to also sign the petition.


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