AR-15 Build Part 2

In B.O. Special, I introduced the newest addition to the gun cabinet and reviewed the rifle kit from Del-ton.
In Part 1, we talked about tools and preparation and installed the magazine catch.

In this edition, we’re going to install the trigger guard

This one is pretty easy and, although I probably took more pictures than I needed to, this will be a fairly short post.

The trigger guard came with a spring loaded pin already installed. You may have to install that pin yourself, but in the Del-ton kit, it was done for me.

The trigger guard goes on as pictured. The flat should be down in relation to the receiver (it’s up in this picture because the receiver is upside down…obviously) and the end with the spring loaded pin should go toward the front.

Actually, it was pretty sailorproof…it would only go in one way. The front mounting ear on the right side had a hole for the spring loaded pin. the ear on the left side was closed.

Insert the trigger guard at an angle, left side first. Then press the spring loaded pin on the right side, slip it inside of the right side mounting ear and snap it in place.

Then rotate the rear of the trigger guard up until it is between the rear mount ears and install the roll pin.

You could use a pin punch here to keep the holse aligned as the roll pin is going in, but I didn’t need to.

I finished it off by driving the pin in the last little bit with a pin punch. That kept me from marring the receiver.


After the rear pin is in place, you can use a punch or other tool to press the spring loaded pin in the front and swing the trigger guard down. I’m not entirely sure why this feature is included, but it is what it is. Perhaps a reader could enlighten me.

you may notice that the finish on the very end of the roll pin was marred a little when tapping it in.

There were a couple of other places where I slightly marred the finish during assembly. This was easily taken care of with a little Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black.

That’s all there is to it. Next time we’ll install the bolt catch.

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  1. The fold-down trigger guard is for use in winter warfare situations where one might need to shoot with a gloved finger. The fold down guard makes room for the glove. (I’m no expert. I’m currently building my own AR and have done a lot of research at I also just started a website at Good luck and happy shooting.

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