AR-15 Build Part 7

In B.O. Special, I introduced the newest addition to the gun cabinet and reviewed the rifle kit from Del-ton.
In Part 1, we talked about tools and preparation and installed the magazine catch.
In Part 2. we installed the trigger guard.
In Part 3, we installed the bolt catch.
In Part 4, we installed the pivot pin.
In Part 5, we installed the trigger assembly.
In Part 6, we installed the hammer assembly.

This time, we’re going to install the selector switch and pistol grip.

For some unknown reason, I didn’t take any pictures of installing the selector switch into the receiver. It isn’t exactly rocket science, but I generally take pictures of everything just to be thorough (you don’t see all the ones I decide are redundant and choose not to post). I don’t know why this one slipped through the cracks. I plan to do a trigger job on this rifle so when I disassemble it for that, I’ll take that apart too and take a picture to update this post.

At any rate, before installing the selector, cock the hammer. Then the selector goes in from the left side of the receiver with the selector pointing to the “fire” position (pointer up, thumb button down).

Next, the selector detent goes into the well on the bottom/right side of the receiver. The detent goes in with the pointed end toward the selector.

The detent spring goes into the well in right side of the pistol grip.

You’ll probably need to keep your finger on the selector to keep it in position while installing the pistol grip and detent spring.

Next, slide the pistol grip onto the receiver ensuring that the detent spring mates with the bottom of the selector detent.

On mine, the grip fit tightly enough that, once seated completely, I could let go of it; it was secure enough to stay in place on its own while I installed the grip screw.

Put the lock washer onto the grip screw.

Then install the screw through the bottom of the pistol grip. It’s a tight space in there so you may want to use some needle nose pliers to get it started and remember that the receiver is aluminum; it wouldn’t take much to strip the threads so be careful not to crossthread the screw and don’t use gorilla torque to tighten it.


Only two “parts” left.

Next we’ll install the takedown pin, buttstock, buffer spring and buffer and our lower will be complete.

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