A call to action: Civic Duty

A representative of the Tidewater Libertarian Party is going to address the Chesapeake City Council on February 24.

It is not just our right to address our elected officials in matters of this nature…it is our duty as citizens. Whether you are a supporter of the Libertarian party or not (I am not a member), the issues involved in the Police’s violent raid in serving a search warrant on a citizen with no prior record on nothing more than the unsworn word of a petty criminal must be addressed.

Next time it may be you defending your home against unknown assailants in the dark of night and finding yourself charged with murder…or finding your pets executed, your family terrorized and your home vandalized.

The proposed address to the city council says it better than I could:

The police are answerable to the people, not only to themselves. Our military and our police are subject to civilian control and review. Citizens are owed the truth.

The police ARE answerable to the people…but they will only answer to us if we insist.

I urge all Tidewater area residents to support this effort; to attend the city council meeting on February 24 and stand in support when the address is presented.

The Council meeting begins at 6:30pm and is conducted in Council Chambers on the first floor of City Hall, 306 Cedar Road (Google Map)


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