Chesapeake City Council Meeting

As I mentioned in Call to Action last week, Dr. Don Tabor of the Libertarian Party of Tidewater and of the blog Tidewater Liberty, presented a proposal to the Chesapeake City Council last night.

Here is Dr. Tabor’s take on the event, and here is his original post which includes the text of the prepared statement.

I did take a few pictures, but the layout of the council chambers is not conducive to that. I did get some pictures of the back of his head…

I also recorded his statement, which you can listen to here.

I thought the statement was very well done, it adequately stated the concerns about Police conduct in the Ryan Frederick case, while still being respectful of Police and the hazardous duties that they perform.

The Pilot even did a minor piece on it.

Detective John Landfair provided a police rebuttal. He was announced as representing “himself” so I don’t know if this is the official position of the Chesapeake Police Department, but he gave the impression that his statement was representing all Police.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t ready for him and didn’t get the recorder back out and turned on until almost half-way through his statement. You can listen to the part that I did get here.

The part that I missed was where he insisted several times that the police were being “disparaged”, and indicated that we who were present at the council meeting were among those “disparaging Police”.

Well, Detective Landfair, I don’t disparage police in general and, though I believe that the policies and procedures of the Chesapeake Police Department that led to the death of Detective Shivers are fatally flawed (so to speak), I don’t believe I’ve disparaged the police at any time throughout my coverage of the ordeal, but I can tell you right now that you can consider the remainder of this post to be a personal disparagement of you.

Detective Landfair went to great lengths to demonstrate that being a LEO in the Hampton Roads area in general, and in Chesapeake in particular, is a very hazardous job. That the Hampton Roads area has a record of Police line of duty fatalities on a par with MUCH larger and more violent areas and that Chesapeake in particular is comparable to Detroit when it comes to line of duty deaths.

I would think that Detective Landfair, versus ridiculing citizens who’s stated concerns are as much for police officer safety as for citizen safety, would be a bit concerned about the high rate of line of duty deaths in this area. Detective…aren’t you even a LITTLE BIT concerned that you guys seem to be doing something WRONG???

Or are you implying that Hampton Roads and Chesapeake have a higher concentration of cop killers than anywhere else in the country? I’m sorry, but that simply doesn’t make sense when taken in consideration of other crime rates in the area. If the problem isn’t more criminals, …then OBVIOUSLY the problem lies in the other end of the equation…the police.


I would think that someone placing his life on the line every time he goes out would WANT to take a look at whether the policies and procedures espoused by the department he works for are placing his life in danger.

But to an “Only One”, it is seemingly more important to maintain the facade that the police are beyond reproach and criticism.

Next, Detective Landfair pointedly noted the “adversarial judicial system” that allows for “scrutiny” of officer conduct.


So, Detective, you are saying that police conduct SHOULDN’T be scrutinized? That we should just accept the word of police officers as gospel, take for granted that their professionalism is beyond reproach, their judgment is always unquestionable and that they should be allowed to throw into jail anyone whom they deem should be there?

Talk about visions of a Police State (I could have thrown a lot more links in that paragraph, but the number of examples I came up with in my short time searching was disheartening).

And, the capper…to top it all off…the money quote…the big closer, which I imagine Detective Landfair thought was quite pithy and apropos:

“Just as I would not tell a dentist how to pull a tooth, I would hope that a dentist would not tell me that I should or should not pull my gun.”

(in case you didn’t know, Dr. Tabor is a dentist…very witty of the detective was it not?)

I must wonder, Detective Landfair, were it YOUR tooth that Dr. Tabor were pulling, would you wish to have any input as to how it was done? I mean, surely you wouldn’t mind him pulling it with a pair of pliers and no anesthesia right? After all, he’s the Dentist, not you…who are you to tell him how to do his job, right? The fact that you are paying him to do it shouldn’t matter one whit, now should it?

The CITIZENS are your “patients” Detective. We ABSOLUTELY have the right to tell you how to do your job….BECAUSE WE PAY YOUR SALARY and WE ARE THE ONES upon whom you practice your trade.

Sorry for shouting but the ignorance and arrogance of the good Detective’s statement is infuriating.

Detective, the police powers entrusted to you are granted by the citizens. They are not yours by birthright, or by royal decree or by fiat. They are yours because the citizens of Chesapeake have delegated them to you.

You are not our boss…our ruler…our better. You are our EMPLOYEE.

You’re darn right we have the right to scrutinize, to criticize, to supervise and even to tell you when you may or may not pull your gun on our behalf.

If you, Detective, have a problem with answering to your employers…you, sir, need to find a different line of work.


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