Donation offer update

New and Improved!

Oh…wait a minute. If it’s new, how can it be improved? I mean, you can only improve things that already exist right? So if it’s improved, it can’t be new and if it’s new, it can’t be improved…

Anyway…my donation offer has changed. I’ve added new choices.

Now, if you donate $7 you get your choice of any one of the following:

The M1 Carbine series of posts
The CZ-82 series of posts
The SKS series of posts
The SKS trigger job DVD

If you donate $10 you get your choice of any two of the above and if you donate $15, you’ll get all three post series and I’ll throw in the DVD FREE! FREE! FREE!.

(Yes, I realize that you’re not REALLY getting anything free, it’s a marketing tactic, just like the whole “New and Improved” thing…What that means is, if you donate $15 you’ll get all four items.)

Anyway, as it says in the sidebar, if you donate $7 or $10, be sure to indicate which item(s) you want and, no matter how much you donate, be sure to include a shipping address.

BTW: You are not required to have a Paypal account to use this service. All that’s required is a credit card.


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