In case anyone has been wondering…

…what I’ve been doing with all my spare time lately, remember a few weeks ago when we had a rainstorm in the kitchen?

Well, I’ve been working on repairing the damage from that.

First, I waited a while to be sure it was all dried out. I wanted to be sure the insulation was completely dry, so I waited over a week before doing anything else.

Then I cut out all the drywall that had been saturated and was damaged. I probably could have saved some of it, but I was already up there cutting, and I had a full sheet of drywall, so I figured there was no reason to skimp.

Screwed the new piece of drywall in place.

Taped and sealed the seams with “mud” (joint compound)…this was the second coat. I’d already applied and sanded the first rough coat.

Here is my hermetically sealed sanding environment meticulously engineered to prevent ultra fine white dust from getting into everything in the house which could have resulted in malfunctioning electronic equipment, dust impregnated clothing, sneezing, and divorce.

And, finally, the finished product.

Unfortunately, as you can tell, I created a clean spot on the kitchen ceiling so now I’ve got to repaint the whole thing to match…Oh well. A project for another day.


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