Learning to shoot

There have been various and sundry lists of people willing to teach others to shoot over the years. Most of them have gone defunct as the bloggers who maintained them retired from blogging.

A new list has been started by Mulligan over at “Do Over

He’s got a very nice list, including an interactive map, of shooting “Mentors” willing to introduce new shooters to the sport across the country.

I recently asked to be added to his list. I used to have an offer to teach in the sidebar, but when I changed my blog format a while back (OK…several years ago…a lifetime on the internet) I never put that back up. I’m going to put the offer back up with a link to Mulligan’s “Mentor” list.

Introducing newcomers to shooting is the single most effective thing we can do to protect our Second Amendment rights. Every new shooter is another voice and potential activist. Every new shooter is one that is less likely to support infringements. Every new shooter represents a vote to politicians.

I encourage any readers out there who have the temperament, talent and knowledge to teach others gun safety, handling and basic marksmanship, to ask to be added to the list. We need an army of people willing to share their enjoyment of the shooting sports and to help maintain this bulwark of liberty and American tradition.

Whether you are interested in becoming a Mentor or not, please help spread the word about this valuable resource.


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