Ryan Frederick Saga Quote of the Day

Bill219014 gets the quote of the day with his response to this vapid and pointless rant written by Kerry Dougherty and regurgitated in the Virginian Pilot this weekend:

What’s cooking at the Chesapeake city jail?

Spectators couldn’t help but wonder about that last week as they gawked at Ryan Frederick during his capital murder trial.

I mean, how often does an inmate pack on about 60 pounds behind bars?

Umm…by spending a year sitting in a 9′ x 5′ cell for 23 hours of every 24 maybe?

On Thursday, prosecutors tried to focus attention on Frederick’s weight, hinting that the beefy 29-year-old might have kept thin in the past by abusing drugs that cause weight loss. The prosecution posed hypothetical questions to an expert witness about whether cessation of methamphetamines or cocaine might result in rapid weight gain.

I didn’t realize that hints were considered evidence in murder trials. I thought evidence had to consist of…well…evidence. Silly me.

The sheer stupid in this column was palpable.

But Bill’s response was priceless and earned him the coveted quote of the day award here at COACOO (as the eminent sayuncle refers to this humble blog):

Actually, the sad thing is that this column probably presents some of the BEST evidence against Frederick. Consider:

-The testimony of Det. Roberts, who either flat-out lied about what Stephen Wright told him, or is the most gullible cop to walk the face of the earth.

-Stephen “You Can Trust Me THIS Time” Wright’s own testimony.

-The ham-handed interrogation by Det. Winkelspecht, in which he provides more information to Frederick than he elicits from him, not to mention his self-justifying editorializing, which is always useful in an investigation.

-And of course, “I’d like to think his testimony is reliable” Skeeter, who has info regarding the JFK assassination and the faked Apollo 11 moon landing for anyone who cares to listen.

Heckuva job, Kerry.

Ouch. That’s gonna leave a mark.


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