Stop the Presses!

Some of you may remember me talking about Danladi Moore…the gentleman that sued the city of Norfolk for repeatedly harassing him for openly carrying a firearm and won a $10,000 settlement.

The guy that the city continued to harass culminating in VCDL descending on a City Council meeting to voice our displeasure. About how, immediately after the meeting, a group of people went to the Hooters in Waterside for continued fellowship (I was invited but declined). About how, upon leaving the establishment, Danladi was AGAIN stopped, harassed, and this time ARRESTED for openly carrying a firearm.

I got the opportunity to speak with Dan on Lobby Day…I’ve actually met him several times now and am beginning to consider him a friend as well as fellow VCDL member. At any rate, he was rally looking forward to his case coming up because he was very confident that he would prevail.

Hot off the presses from VCDL:

I just got the word – Danladi Moore, who was arrested for trespass by a Norfolk police officer last August while Danladi was lawfully open carrying at Norfolk’s Waterside Mall, has just won his case in court!

The judge told the Norfolk City Attorney that because of the City’s financial interest in the mall, the mall is considered PUBLIC property and Danladi was therefore NOT trespassing. All charges are to be dropped.

I wonder if Dan will let the city get away with a settlement this time? I hope not. In fact, I hope that, considering the fact that there were several white guys openly carrying firearms that the police said nary a word to, and that Dan was the only “Black Man With a Gun” and was also the only one arrested, that he will not only sue the city for false arrest, but will also file a federal civil rights lawsuit for discrimination as well.

Dan only got $10k last time. Here’s hoping that he adds a couple of zeros this time. It’s a shame that the taxpayers have to pay it…it would be much better if it had to come out of Mayor Fraim and the rest of City Council’s pockets…but in these tight budgetary times, maybe this will make enough of a dent to convince the citizens to throw at least some of these authoritarian jerks out of office.

[Update] News coverage in the VA Pilot. [/Update]


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