Things that make you go Hmmm.

There is an excellent article in the Examiner today regarding Paramilitary Police raids like the one that victimized Ryan Frederick.

It’s definitely worth a read, but the reason I mention it is because it referenced a Washington Post article detailing a similar violent raid on the home of Berwyn Heights, MD mayor Cheye Calvo that occurred not too long ago.

Luckily for the police in this case, Mr Calvo was not prepared to defend himself. Had he been armed, he may have ended up in Ryan Frederick’s situation as he reportedly initially believed that his home was under assault by home invaders.

Unluckily for Mr. Calvo, the police executed his two dogs in conducting the raid, reportedly even chasing one down as it fled in order to “protect themselves” from its “aggressive stance”.

How does this relate to the Ryan Frederick case? Because of this minor detail reported in the Post:

At home in St. Mary’s, [Berwyn Heights Police Chief Patrick] Murphy dialed the cellphone of his second-in-command, now standing on the mayor’s front lawn. Murphy’s officer handed the phone to a Prince George’s narcotics investigator, Det. Sgt. David Martini.

This is how Murphy later recalled their conversation:

“Martini tells me that when the SWAT team came to the door, the mayor met them at the door, opened it partially, saw who it was, and then tried to slam the door on them,” Murphy recalled. “And that at that point, Martini claimed, they had to force entry, the dogs took aggressive stances, and they were shot.”

“I later learned,” Murphy said in an interview, “that none of that is true.”

Martini said he was not free to comment for this article.

“None of that is true.”

But, I thought that the Police would NEVER…um…embellish…a story to cast themselves in the best light. I thought that we could ALWAYS trust the Police to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…especially in cases as important as, say, a capital murder trial like Ryan Frederick’s.


One final tidbit from the Post story:

“In other words, police can do what they did to us with impunity” Cheye concluded. “There are no consequences, not for them.”

Some animals are just more equal than others.


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