CZ-82 Parkerizing Part 4…finis

Here are the other parts for those coming in late to the game:

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After seasoning the finish, the only thing left was to clean up the few things that I wanted to and put it all back together.

As with disassembly, I’m not going to post the reassembly procedure because I already covered that HERE in my earlier series of CZ-82 posts.

I did clean up the trigger a little and I weakened the magazine catch spring as well.

Finally, I removed the parkerization from and polished the feed ramp. I was careful not to hit the feed ramp when blasting the frame…I didn’t want to make my job any harder than it needed to be…but the ramp did take the parkerizing somewhat.

To polish the feed ramp, I used this high tech setup.

Yes, that is a .30 carbine shell casing, a strip of 600 grit emory cloth and some packing tape.

When assembled into a high tech tool, it looked something like this.

I just left enough of the emory cloth exposed at the tip to hit the ramp. That way I wasn’t worried about marring the finish inside the magazine well.

Its use is pretty self-explanatory.

The last thing I did before reassembly was clean up some of the more beat up areas of the grips.

I did this with my dremel tool and some blue polishing compound which I bought at Northern Tool and Equipment.

Some of the gouges were pretty deep and it ended up making the grips a little wavy in places from the amount of material I had to remove to smooth them, but I think it helped.

I’m not overly fond of the plastic grips to begin with so replacing them is probably in the cards at some point.

And that’s it. Without further ado, some before and after pictures to show off my handiwork. I tried to get as close to the exact same shots as I could manage for comparison purposes.

I’m very happy with the way it turned out. I’m not overly fond of the black grips on the greenish gun, but the grips could stand to be changed anyway. Also, the mags don’t drop free as easily as they used to. I don’t know if this is a side effect of the parkerizing, or just taking everything apart and putting it back together…but I may eschew parkerizing the magazines in the future…just do the baseplates so they match, but leave the mag bodies black.

But, overall, I think the experiment was a success. Only two more to do.



8 thoughts on “CZ-82 Parkerizing Part 4…finis

  1. Thanks. I did another one that came out even better.

    It takes some patience and attention to detail but isn't technically difficult. You should be able to get great results with a bit of care.

  2. Really nice parkerizing job! I almost went that way with it, but ended up doing mine with a slow rust blue, which came out a deep satin black. A few tips for anyone who goes that way:
    1. So NOT use Laurel Mountain Forge barrel brown to create the rust. It is fine for smooth surfaces like a barrel, but plates copper to the steel if you rub it, which you have to with complex items like an auto pistol. Use ferric chloride from Radio Shack. 1 pt ferric to 4 parts distilled water to 4 parts denatured alcohol. Degrease the hell out of it first!
    2. My damp chamber was a large plastic cat litter jug with a damp rag in the bottom and a 15w bulb hung in the top. It was like a Florida summer inside.
    3. Boil in distilled water to turn the rust black, then card it with clean scrap denim.
    4. When done, soak in motor oil for a couple days. (You can see some similarities with the parkerizing.)

    But still I covet that greenish park job. I guess I gotta buy another CZ to do it. Then I can get a third and do it in flintlock-style plum brown and I’ll have a pistol to match every outfit, right? Business black, OD hunting wear, and khaki casual. 🙂

  3. Back the grip screws out about 1/8 to 1/4 of a turn and your magazines will eject properly. The same thing happened to me when I put mine back together.

  4. I’m way late to the game on this. I just had a local ‘gunsmith’ do mine. It took him two months to get around to it and last week when I went up to check on it, he supposedly had just finished the park on it and was reassembling it. But the barrel didn’t look parked and I suspect he didn’t do the smaller parts. When I pick it up today I’ll inspect it. Keep fingers crossed.

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