OK, now that’s wierd.

There’s an online webcomic that I read regularly called xkcd. He’s a bit geeky so if you’re not a computer nerd and/or engineer, some of his humor you won’t get…but he’s very witty and I find it funny most days.

Today’s comic was just weird in a spooky kind of way:

I took my last college class in the fall semester of 1999 and I still have this exact dream occasionally. I mean, this EXACT dream. Is that weird or what? Maybe he’s right…but how did he know that everyone has it??? It never even occurred to me that others might have the same dream/nightmare that I have.

BTW: I still have the neverending row of corn dream occasionally too and the last row of corn I de-tasseled was at age 17. Anyone who’s ever worked on a seed corn farm will know the dream of which I speak.


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