Sesame Street Reporting

In order to set the mood, you MUST play the short audio clip below:

Same incident, two different “news” outlets. Can you spot the differences?

VA Pilot: 14-year old critically wounded by handgun in Portsmouth

The teen was with a group of peers in a home in the 800 block of Jewell Ave., along with a handgun, said Detective Jan Westerbeck, spokeswoman.

“They were handling the gun, and somehow it went off,” Westerbeck said.

VS the Daily Press: Teen shot, critically hurt while playing with gun

A 14-year-old boy is in critical condition after being accidentally shot by friends who were playing with a gun in a Portsmouth home.

I rarely find anything to praise the Daily Press about, but they are a paragon of journalistic integrity when compared to the Virginian Pilot.

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1 thought on “Sesame Street Reporting

  1. It might just be how I’m reading it but the VA Pilot sounds more neutral to me.

    But the Daily Press puts responsibility on the friends, and not on the gun, which is the proper way to word it.

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