Slow loading?

Has anyone noticed that my blog has been loading VVVVEEEERRRRRYYYYYY SSSSLLLLOOOOOOWWWWLLLLYYYY lately?

The blogger administration tools have been working fine, but when I try to view the actual blog, it seems to be loading incredibly slowly for some reason. Anyone else noticing this? Any ideas why? I haven’t changed anything recently and can’t find anything that seems to be causing the problem.

Maybe it’s just time to take off the training wheels…move to my own site with a different blogging utility?

Any recommendations? I know most people use WordPress…We use Serendipity on the VCDL blog because it is supposedly more secure than WordPress, but the administration tools are hard to use. Any other good choices out there?

I need something that makes it very easy to insert linked picture thumbnails because of the numbers of pictures I put on my gunsmithing posts. I could never do a gunsmithing post on Serendipity, it would take FOREVER to get all the pictures inserted, thumbnails formatted correctly and linked to the full size version.

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1 thought on “Slow loading?

  1. I don’t know what version of WordPress you used but I’ve never had any security issues with it. I would highly recommend it. I’ve used geeklog and blogger. The latest issue of wordpress is very easy to use which is why I converted all my blogs to it.

    Any database-driven blog will inherently be slower than a straight html blog. Since you’re on blogger, you’re sharing your bandwith with google and other blogs.

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