Sorry for the lack of posting…

…been really busy lately.

Things should calm down soon.

But while I was working on something or other yesterday, I had FOX new on and they were talking about the economy. I couldn’t tell you who was talking, I wasn’t really paying attention, but it was mentioned that we’ve been fighting the “war on poverty” since the 1930’s…that this is the longest running war in US history and that we’re losing.

I disagree. I believe we won the war on poverty long ago. When people like Sharon Jasper who can live on welfare and food stamps their entire lives, have big screen TV’s and complain that “it’s pitiful what people give you”…we have thoroughly defeated poverty in this country. When the poorest of the poor have cars with spinny wheels and cell phones…we have thoroughly defeated poverty. When people on food stamps can afford to buy better, more expensive cuisine than those of use who finance those food stamps through our taxes…we have thoroughly defeated poverty.

What we’re fighting now is the war against anyone having things that others can’t afford. We’re fighting a war in support of envy. A war for greed.

That’s why I never, ever give money to bums on the street. The help for them is there if they want it. They don’t want it. What they want is a couple of bucks so they can buy their daily bottle of cheap wine, or enough to buy their next rock of crack.

Anyone TRULY living in poverty in this country is doing so because they choose to.


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