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From the on a recent Tom Teepen column entitled Border drug war demands more attention.

I can see the comment I left when I check the article normally, but it looks like they use one of those moderating systems that shows the comment for the poster, but no one else can see it until it’s been moderated. I left the comment early yesterday morning and I still can’t see it when I look at the article through an anonymous proxy.

If anyone else can see it, let me know but it looks to me like it’s blocked when I use the proxy.

Anyway, here’s my reply to Mr. Teepen (with a couple of typos corrected):

Your agenda is showing.

You can keep telling the same lies over and over all you want, but the American people just aren’t buying what you’re selling. Apparently we aren’t as stupid as you think we are. We simply aren’t buying the fiction that the automatic weapons, grenades, RPGs, heavy machine guns etc that the cartels are waging their war with are coming from Amrican gun shows. The very idea is preposterous.

Also, your bias and bigotry are both on display in your ridiculous statement “Then-President George W. Bush gave cartel violence a boost when he reneged on a pledge not to let the ban on military-style assault weapons lapse.”

First of all, the “ban” didn’t ban “military-style assault weapons”. What it banned was a few specifically named semi-automatic firearms that looked similar to military weapons, and some cosmetic features that the authors of the bill decided looked too scary.

Secondly, President Bush didn’t “renege on a pledge”…what he promised was that if the renewal reached his desk, he would sign it (much to the chagrin of many gun owners). The bill never reached his desk which means he never had the opportunity to sign it.

I realize that, as a journalist, you probably don’t know any more about how our government works than you do about any subject other than penning propaganda disguised as news, so I’ll explain: The President is not authorized to legislate. His only role in the legislative process is to either sign or veto the bills that come before him from the Legislature. It was never within his power to reinstate the ineffective and inaptly named “assault weapon ban”. That was congress’ job.

In other words, you’re either ignorant of how your own government functions, or you’re intentionally being misleading about it. Either way, that single statement demonstrates that you don’t have enough credibility to be taken seriously.

I prefer to leave my comments on the offending sites, but when they use discussion stifling techniques like moderation (especially the back-handed ones that giver the comment author the impression that the comment has been posted when it actually hasn’t), I’m forced to bring it here.

I’ll e-mail him a link to this post to see if he he’d like to respond.


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