that was fun

I just spent all day sandblasting (or, more correctly, glass beading) the CZ-82 I’m working on parkerizing.

What a pain…especially considering my makeshift blasting cabinet and my cheapo sandblaster (that I’m having problems with).

‘course I’m probably going a little overboard…I’m doing all the tiny little pins and parts as well as just the big stuff. The only things I’m not going to parkerize are the springs, the disconnector, the arm on the safety that locks it in place and (of course) the bore and chamber.

I couldn’t get the rear sight off. It is peened and they did a bang up job of peening it. I used the biggest hammer I’ve got and it wouldn’t budge. I was beginning to ding the metal (even using a brass drift) so I finally decided that that sight’s just gonna have to get parked “in place”.

I also think I lost a pin. I cleaned everything with denatured alcohol before blasting to keep from contaminating my beads any more than absolutely necessary. As I was getting ready to blast the hammer, sear, ejector, etc…I noticed that there was an extra pin. then, I realized that the only pin in with the trigger, trigger bar and slide stop was the trigger guard latch pin (which is removed and installed with the slide stop)…no trigger pin and no trigger bar pin.

Upon further review, the extra pin with the hammer and stuff…and one of the other pins that was with them, belong to the trigger and trigger bar…which means now I’m short an ejector pin.


I have no idea how the mix up happened or what could have happened to the ejector pin. I searched everywhere in the area that I was working and couldn’t find it. Maybe I’m just tired and missing something and it will turn up before I get it all back together. If not…pins are easy to come by. If nothing else, I’ll buy an appropriate diameter roll pin at Lowe’s and cut it to fit.

I guess it’s inevitable for things like these to happen from time to time.

Anyway, I had to quit because the shutoff valve on the blasting head stopped working. I couldn’t shut it off, which resulted in blasting a small hole in the side of my cabinet (you’ll see how that’s possible when I start posting pix and you see my cabinet). I’ve got a smaller, venturi fed sandblaster that I’ll try to finish it off with…all that’s left are the hammer and hammer arm, sear, ejector, trigger, trigger bar, slide stop and a couple more pins…everything else is done.

Oh…and I need to hit one of the magazine bodies again because I didn’t do it well enough the first time.

If my little blaster doesn’t do the trick, I’ll have to hit harbor freight or Northern and buy a new blasting head valve. Another 20 bucks or so…

Anyway, just keeping you up to date. I’m well underway on the parkerizing job so step by step posts are coming soon.


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