Dianne Feinstein: "Reports of the death of the NRA have been greatly exaggerated"

Shortly after the election, I distinctly remember hearing something about how it was a “great loss” for the NRA and some even opined that it spelled the death knell of the organization.

Well, it seems that the lead sponsor of the 1994 ban on scary looking cosmetic features, consistent enemy of the Second Amendment and renowned hypocrite*, Dianne Feinstein, disagrees during this “60 minutes’ interview (about 30 seconds into the embedded video clip (after the commercial):

“The National Rifle Association essentially has a stranglehold on the congress.” -Senator Dianne Feinstein

BTW, the linked story refers to an upcoming “60 Minutes” piece to be aired on Sunday, April 12 at 7:00pm, in which VCDL President Phillip Van Cleave is also interviewed. Could be interesting.

*“Senator Feinstein is a staunch gun control advocate. Despite her stance, in the 1970s, she obtained a concealed firearms carry permit, and carried a handgun with her. A CCW permit was then rare in California, and was the only such permit in San Francisco.” From About.com: US Liberal Politics


1 thought on “Dianne Feinstein: "Reports of the death of the NRA have been greatly exaggerated"

  1. I commented on the ABC “If I only had a Gun” and now CBS is going after that fabled ‘assault weapon’. The politicians might be timid around the NRA, but the media isn’t. And I like the idea of making “an expired Assault Weapons Ban permanent” like Obama does, that should be a long dead and buried idea, permanently.

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