He Shoots…He SCORES!

Went to the Gun Show this morning looking for ammo.

What a madhouse.

There had to have been 300 people in line to get in. Thankfully, it moved very fast…unfortunately, most of those people headed straight for the Georgia Arms ammo tables.

I waited 45 minutes to make my purchase…based on the volumes they were selling, I’d say they probably ran out of ammo by 2:00pm today.

They didn’t have any 9mm Makarov so I struck out on that one…and that’s one of the calibers that I’m really hurting for. In fact, the only two places in the show that I found 9mm Mak, it was either crappy wolf stuff that I avoid (actually, it shoots OK, but that’s gotta be the dirtiest ammo on the face of the planet. It takes forever to get a gun clean after shooting it). and one place that had a couple of boxes of ridiculously overpriced Hornady XTP that I passed up.

But what I did get is 200 rounds of 230 grain ball and 100 rounds of 185 Grain JHP in .45acp and 100 rounds of 124 grain JHP in 9mm. I would have gotten more but that’s all I could afford today. Better than nothing. That will hold us through a couple of range trips anyway.

I also picked up three more Magpul P-mags for my AR…that brings me up to 7 mags for the AR…enough to get by.

After getting home I decided to do a complete ammo inventory and see for sure what I’ve got left. I had a general idea, but I wanted to nail it down exactly. Here’s my current “stockpile”:

.30 Carbine: 110 Grain SP 264
110 Grain FMJ 69
7.62x54R: 203 Grain SP 40
.30-06: 150 Grain FMJ 561
7.62×39: 124 Grain JHP 1420
5.56×45: 55 Grain FMJ 396
.22LR: 40 Grain CCI 851
40 Grain SS 43
9×18: 95 Grain FMJ 63
95 Grain JHP 43
9×19: 115 Grain FMJ 258
124 Grain JHP 100
147 Grain JHP 50
.45acp: 230 Grain FMJ 200
185 Grain JHP 177
12 Gauge: #7 Steel Shot 85
Total Round Count: 4620

Does that count as an arsenal yet? Heck that only fills the bottom two shelves of the narrow side of my relatively small gun locker. The way the media talks, “thousands of rounds of ammunition” should mean I have crates of the stuff lining the walls wouldn’t you think?

There are a few places that I could use some more stockpiling.

Actually, I don’t shoot the .30 Carbine or the Garand all that much and I rarely shoot the Mosin, so I’m comfortable not having huge stockpiles for them. My shotgun isn’t operating correctly at the moment so I haven’t worried about keeping a supply for it lately. My supply of .22lr is always in flux becuase that’s what I shoot the most of but I alwyas like to have an unopened brick in addition to the brick I’m working on. I’m desperately short on 9×18 ammo…it can be hard to find sometimes.

The SKS is my designated SHTF rifle so I always keep a sealed case of ammo for it available. The AR would be my wife’s long gun should we encounter TEOTWAWKI, so I’d like to have at least 1,000 rounds on hand for it as well; so the next time I have $450 laying around…

I’d also like to build up some more for the 9mm and the .45 but we seem to shoot that up as fast as I can afford to buy it…

Gotta get set up to reload.

How long have I been saying that again?


9 thoughts on “He Shoots…He SCORES!

  1. Thanks for the info. I’m leery about ordering ammo online right now because some of the sites don’t keep their status updated. I’m afraid they’ll be backordered and I’ll be waiting forever to get it.

    Don’t have much choice at this point since I didn’t find any at the show today.

    B. Woodman:

    The End Of The World As We Know It.

    SHTF is considered a localized, probably temporary situation…like Katrina. TEOTWAWKI is a complete collapse where we’re on our own long term…Zombie Attack. Financial Collapse. Seventh Seal breaking open…that kind of thing.

  2. This stuff is on backorder as it is, but it’s decent quality. There’s also someone whose site address I forget right now (sorry) who has cases of American Eagle (Federal) 95gr FMJ.

    I reload for my rifles, so those are really tiny cases to me. I gotta find someone with 9×18 dies who doesn’t think they’re as valuble as a Faberge egg. Those Hornady XTP bullets are about $16/100 last I checked, and it’s not as though I don’t have a bag of empties here….

  3. You might check out AIM Surplus in Ohio. I have been very pleased by their service & quality. Last time I looked, they had several choices in 9×18 MAK.


  4. We went to the same show on Sunday and were sorely disappointed. Loads of overpriced guns. No ammo. No militaria worth mentioning.

    We did meet up with some friends and had a good time chatting while trying to sell the AK (as we’re moving to NY, can’t have it there, and have nobody to keep it with). Buyers don’t get that quality AK = more money than Romanian POS.

  5. It’s time for me to start figuring out how I want to build an AR, as I bought a stripped Rock River lower at our gunshow this weekend! Yeah! And I bought it from a private seller…

    But I also stocked up with 750 rounds of 9mm and 500 rounds of 7.62X39, preloaded on stripper clips. And 500 cast 230 gr 45ACP bullets for my reloading efforts!

  6. My son Brandon and I worked the VCDL table Sunday afternoon. While there, I talked to the gents at the Georgia Arms table. They say they brought in 2,000 rounds of .380ACP (which I am horrendously low on) which sold in 15 minutes, and 12,000 rounds of 9×19 which sold in an hour. Gun prices were outrageous, too. Even the cheaper Mossberg shotties were overpriced by as much as $100. Sheesh.

    See you at the June picnic.

  7. midway usa has fiochi 9x18mm mak for $17 for a box of 50 if you have dealer status with them (send em your C&R FFL). In stock right now orderd a hundred rounds for myself, but my reloading dies are of course on backorder

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