The History of Global Warming

I’ve been working on some very repetitive data entry type work for the past couple of days, so I’ve had the History channel on the TV in my office to keep what little intellect I have occupied while completing the mind-numbingly monotonous task.

I had already known that the History Channel has drunk the Global Warming Kool Aid…but I had no idea that they’ve pretty much bought the Kool Aid bottling plant.

Every show that they produce in which there is any remote possibility of mentioning global warming and the horrific results that we’re going to see from it in the near future…rising ocean levels, monster hurricanes, droughts, famine, disease, cats and dogs living together…they embrace with gusto.

I wonder what they’re going to do in a few years when the whole thing has finally been thoroughly debunked (and the “end of the world” doomsayers have swung back to predicting the next Ice Age). Are they just never going to show reruns? Will they scrub the shows and remove all their hysterical and superfluous references to the disgraced theory? Or will they keep showing them and constantly remind us that there is a reason they are called the “History Channel” and not the “Future Channel”.

Yes…my trains of thought often are…um…unorthodox.

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