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At the gun show today, there was a vendor selling A3 style flattop stripped AR uppers for $95.

My last AR, I assembled the lower and bought the upper complete. For my next one, I’d like to assemble the upper too. I’m thinking 6.8spc…but that’s not the nature of my question.

When I asked the seller what the make of the uppers was, he said he didn’t know. I did notice a mark on the right side of the upper, but other than that, nothing to identify the manufacturer.

I didn’t want to buy some crap that wouldn’t work and not be able to get my money back, so I passed on it.

I did some research after I got home, though and it appears to me that the mark I remember was an Omega symbol and seems to be typical of YHM uppers. Anyone know if that is a reliable indicator?

Another thing that I noticed was that the rails had no “T” marks. All of the YHM A3 uppers I found online said that they were “T” marked. Could it just be that these are older ones without the markings? Or are they not YHM after all?

Are there any counterfeit AR parts around that I need to be leery of?

Next, if these are YHM uppers, does $95 seem like a “can’t pass up” kind of price? I found a price range online of anywhere from about that, to $125. Buying online, I’d have to pay somewhere around $7 for shipping as well.

I’d hate to pass this up and then end up paying a lot more later…but I’d also hate to buy a POS and regret it later.

Any advice before tomorrow afternoon would be appreciated. I’ve gotta decide before the show closes at 4:00 Eastern time.

Thanks in advance.


5 thoughts on “Info Bleg

  1. Have you considered a .223 case blown out to 6.5mm?

    You get the heavier bullet and get to use USGI bolts and magazines.

    As to that upper, sorry, I got nuthin’.

  2. I haven’t decided anything firm yet. I may just go with another .223 just to keep it standard…I’ve also thought about building a National Match A2 style rifle on the second lower. I can’t afford anything really right now, so I’ve got some time to decide.

    6.8spc is intriguing to me and I like what I’ve heard about it so far. I haven’t really looked that deep into 6.5 yet.

    I decided against that upper. If for no other reason, buying from a vendor who has “no idea” where his stock came from just doesn’t blow my skirt up.

    I’ll hold off and buy one when I can afford it better and am more sure about what I’m getting.

  3. The upper may have been a blem. They could of started by striking the omega symbol and when it didn’t strike correctly they basically pitch it to be recycled or sell it for a reduced price. That may be why it doesn’t have the t numbers on it yet, might not have gotten to that step before labeling it damaged goods. Most of the blems go very cheaply so the vendor was probably going to make quite a bit on it, if you had decided to buy it at that price.You would of also had to check to make sure it was square etc before installing the barrel, which would mean buying a specialized tool that runs around $60 i think from brownells. I say it is a good call you didn’t pick it up.

  4. Thanks for the info. Something about the way he said he didn’t know who the manufacturer was just set off my spidey sense and I felt that the deal was a bit hinky.

    I’m glas I paid attention to my instincts. I didn’t even think of it being something rejected at the factory…I just assumed they’d scrap those, not sell them.

    Thanks for the head’s up.

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