Irony? Or hypocricy?

The Wall Street Journal: Fear and Greed Have Sales of Guns and Ammo Shooting Up

Wait a minute…did I say that this headline was in the “Wall Street Journal”?

The same Wall Street Journal that covers…you know…Wall Street? The Wall street wherein “buy low and sell high” is nothing more than prudent business sense? Where fortunes are won and lost every day by people trying to predict industry trends and capitalize on them financially?

This is perfectly acceptable behavior for investors…but for those who invest in guns for the same purposes, it’s all the sudden “greed?”

Wall Street Journal: hypocrisy is thy name.


5 thoughts on “Irony? Or hypocricy?

  1. Speaking of guns and ammo…going to the show in Hampton this weekend? I going to try to put in a little time at the VCDL table on Sunday.

  2. I’m desperately short of .45acp range ammo so I’m going to brave the line to try to be there first thing Saturday before anyone’s had a chance to buy everything up. I’ve got a busy weekend so I won’t be able to work the table, but it looks like Ron’s got it covered. I’ll stop by and say hi while I’m there, but I doubt that it will be on Sunday, unless I go back again for some reason.

  3. Guns are a bit of a sketchy investment. Sometimes a premium can be made, but the window for that is closing. Those that don’t know exactly what they’re doing are going to get stuck and take a bath.

  4. Yup…just like stocks or futures, or real estate or any other investment opportunity.

    The people who are smart (or lucky) enough to get in and out at the right times during the cycle make money; those who don’t…don’t.

    But the point remains that defining such activity as a prudent business and investing decision in one instance, and defining it as “greed” in another is blatant hypocrisy.

    The author of the article’s title obviously doesn’t approve of guns, so buying in the hopes of re-selling for a profit later wasn’t classified as an “investment” it was vilified as “greed”.

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