…from “important” people (or at least people who like to think they’re important).

I got a letter in the mail from the National Republican Senatorial Committee today, signed by no less than Senator John Cornyn.

Oh…OK…I’m sure millions of other people got the same letter and it’s actually signed by a computer program, not Mr. Cornyn himself; but it’s nice to harbor the illusion that those who fancy themselves our rulers actually take a personal interest in their subjects…er…inferiors…er…constituents.

Anyway, basically they were begging for money to help them get “conservatives” elected. I am forced to confess that my reply was somewhat…um…intemperate:

The republican party has betrayed the American people, the ideals of small government conservatism and the entire concept of liberty. I have no doubt that, were I to support you and your party were to regain power in 2010, you would quickly revert to your big government power grabbing ways just as quickly as you did the last time. The republican party does not represent me or my ideals and will not receive a penny of financial support from me now or in the future.

You have betrayed me and every other liberty minded individual in this country.

I don’t know how stupid and gullible you expect the American people to be, but it will not happen again.


Our choices are to go to hell fast under the Democrats or go to hell slightly slower under the Republicans.

If the ultimate destination is the same, there’s no reason to waste any time in getting there. I’d rather support Democrats – whom I vehemently disagree with but are at least honest about their goals – who will stab me while looking me right in the eye, than Republicans who make sincere noises but don’t mean a word they say and will stab me in the back at the first opportunity.

In short, sir…bite me.


Curtis R. Stone
Former supporter of the Republican party.

I wonder if anyone actually reads these things, or if a machine just counts their ill gotten gains from those gullible enough to contribute and trashes the rest.

Oh well. It made me feel a little better anyway.

Just to clarify…if there are any candidates out there whom I am convinced, by past record and proven dependability, will work to return the US government to its constitutionally mandated bounds, I’ll consider supporting them directly; but the Republican party can Kiss My A..


8 thoughts on “Letters…

  1. Well done! they called me a month ago asking me to renew my support with another check.
    I laid into the guy with just about the same rant you mailed them.
    next time I get an envelope from them I’ll send it back with a written statement similar to yours.

  2. Mr. Cornyn, one of my feckless and faithless republicans, is a master of the non response to pointed questions. Usually six weeks or so after contacting his ‘office’ or speaking with one of his pukes, a thoroughly not related to the original communication will arrive, either email or snailmail, time frame is about the same. Of course the matter discussed is now moot.

    Cornyn endorsed craphead Specter a week or so ago, stating ‘Specter could not get elected as a republican in Texas, but he’s right for PA’. In other words, pragmatism over principle; and better to have a scumbag R even though he’ll kill you on every important vote.

    Mr. Cornyn (and Kay Bailey Hutchison, the other TX senator) are fair weather friends. I declare open season, no bag limit.

  3. Quoting SailorCurt: “I don’t know how stupid and gullible you expect the American people to be, but it will not happen again.”

    I think it probably will and the repub party is correct to hold to SOP.

    As individuals, you and I won’t go along, but the majority (even “conservatives”) are firmly in camp or attached to a nipple.

    related note.. odds are spector gets reelected. Frank and Dobbs too.

  4. Yes Cap’n. We went through this around our place a while back. I’m with ya’. I don’t know if anybody at the RNC actually listens, or if it’s all computer generated whiz…

    “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” kind of stuff.

    Maybe when the party is down to three dozen (all of whom are employed by the party), REALITY might set in. I reckon we’ll see.

  5. Vote for ME!

    In related news, the RNC presidential campaign sent me a begging letter and I wrote them back they could expect me to not support them financially until they started putting up conservatives.

    They sent me back a file photo glossy 8×10″ of Mr. and Mrs. McCain and thanked me for my support!

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