OK…here’s what I’m going to do.

Update: I’ve got most of my template rebuilt in new blogger and I’ve gotten rid of haloscan comments. I’m going to get rid of my blogrolling blogrolls because they now have advertising on the tops of pages reached through the links and it’s been running VERY slowly for me lately as well. I’m just going to do manual blogrolls, which will take me some time to build…but other than that, I’m up and running.

I’ve got to put links to the haloscan comment threads on all the posts that have comments, but it will take some time (I’ve got 620 posts to go through) and I can do that at my leisure. New comments will be using blogger’s comment system.

The page is loading MUCH faster for me already so: Mission Accomplished. If anyone has any problems with anything (other than the fact that my blog is ugly and I have no artistic ability whatsoever…I already know that…) let me know. /Update

I can’t duplicate Vote For David’s problem with the malware, but I’m still having problems with slow loading. I’m almost certain that haloscan is the problem because whenever I’m having these slow loading problems, My haloscan dashboard also loads very slowly.

So, here’s what I’m going to do. My blog is still in old blogger format. I never switched because I didn’t like some of the interface changes and also because the template changes made it harder to fine tune the template.

I’m just gonna have to get over that. I’m going to upgrade to the new blogger format and convert all my existing sidebar items into widgets. I’m going to get rid of haloscan comments and start using blogger’s commenting system…but, I don’t want to lose all the old comment threads, so I’m going to, slowly but surely, post links to the haloscan comment thread on the bottom of every post that has comments. New comments should be posted to blogger, but the old comments will be available to read.

This is going to take some time so blogging will probably be slow during the transition. If things get a bit wonky around here for a little while…you know why.

After I get all that done, I still may consider moving the blog over to my own space and url, but I’ll have to play with some blogging software first and make sure there’s something that I like well enough to replace blogger with. One thing about blogger: It is very easy to use. Anyway, that’s the plan so please bear with me for a little while while I get this all settled out.


7 thoughts on “OK…here’s what I’m going to do.

  1. Doesn’t seem to load so slow here, and also no malware alert (and I’m running Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware).

  2. I recently had to rebuild mine after accidentally deleting my entire template … looks good, loaded fast and no quirks at all.

  3. You came up much faster than you have been the last couple of weeks, thanks. Load time is still a precious expense when running on the hamster wheel…

  4. I’ve not had any issues getting your blog to load, and no malware warnings, either.

    I want to wish you good luck with moving the template from the old Blogger to the new Blogger – I feel your pain. I moved Hobie’s stuff into his new template, as well as both of my blogs, and it was not a fun activity. It’s time consuming. And writing css for the New Blogger is a PAIN.

    Regarding moving the blog to your own URL – if you have a domain, that’s very easily accomplished via Blogger.

  5. You can use Blogger to post to a separate, non-Blogger web site, btw.

    I’ve thought about that…it’s a possibility, but there is one thing about blogger that simply drives me nuts.

    Blogger’s WYSIWYG posting utility doesn’t recognize the “clear” attribute to the break tag.

    I use it a lot in the posts with bunches of pictures. What I have to do is write the post, then edit the HTML to add the break tags with the clear attribute in order to get the text to flow the way I want, then publish from HTML mode.

    Where it really drives me crazy is if I open one of those posts to edit, and I forget to make sure the editor is in HTML mode, bringing up the post in WYSIWYG editor mode strips all of those br tags and I then have to re-edit the HTML and add them again.

    It absolutely drives me crazy. I don’t mind having to add them in HTML edit mode, but having them stripped off again if I accidentally go into WYSIWYG mode is very frustrating.

    Anyway, if I can find a blog system that does that function better, while still allowing for easy picture importing and formatting, I’ll switch.

    Otherwise, I’ll probably just stick with blogger and, if I do that, I’ll most likely just leave it here. No reason to make people have to update blogrolls and such if I don’t need to.

    Anyway, thanks for the input.

  6. Just gotta get in the habit of clicking on the view HTML tag. It’s easy enough for me because I think the font in the WYSIWYG editor looks stupid and change over to the HTML editor.

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