Slow Loading update

I’m beginning to think my slow loading problems are originating from the Haloscan comment system, rather than blogger itself.

The problem is that I’ve been using Haloscan since I started this blog. I’d really hate to lose years of comment threads at this point. I’ll look into Haloscan and see if there’s some way to export those threads.

I may disable comments for a day or so just to see what kind of effect that has on the loading issues…so…fair warning.

Sometimes it comes right up and sometimes it takes forever and it seems like when it takes forever, it’s when the haloscan dashboard is loading slowly too.

The first thing I’m going to try is to get rid of the “recent comments” section in the sidebar. I’ll leave that commented out of the template for a couple of days, or until I’ve decided it definitely isn’t what’s causing the problems, whichever comes first.

Then we’ll go from there.

Haloscan comment link (this is included for archive purposes, please use blogger’s comment link below to leave new comments)


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