Ammo Alert

The Walmart on Military Highway next to Janaf Shopping Center in Norfolk has four 100 round boxes of Winchester White box .45acp. They had Winchester white box in other calibers too, but their ammo shelves are hard to see for customers so I only worried about those that applied to me.

They had no 9mm or 9mm Mak.

I bought four boxes a couple of hours ago and they still had four left at the time.

BTW: Kudos to Walmart for not jacking up their prices to take advantage of the shortage. Still the same $30 I paid for it the last time I found any at a Walmart several months ago.

BTW: I ordered 300 rounds of Fiocci FMJ 9mm Mak and a couple hundred rounds of 5.56×45 from Midway USA the other day. It hasn’t come in yet, but it’s on the way. I’m beginning to get my ammo stores up to where I’ll be comfortable participating in some recreational shooting.

I skipped the Airfield Shooting Club bowling pin match this month partly because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to replace the ammo I’d shoot up.

I almost ordered the beginnings of my reloading setup last week…which I’ve been threatening to so for a long time…but I realized that primers are as difficult, of not moreso, to find right now as complete ammo, which would make investing in the reloading gear a moot point. That’ll be my first investment. As soon as I can collect at least 1,000 primers of each size I need, I’ll start buying the reloading equipment. There’s no point in having the tools if you don’t have the raw materials to work with.


5 thoughts on “Ammo Alert

  1. perhaps I was unclear about that…I’ve never seeen 9mm mak at Walmart either, they generally only stock the common stuff. I just mentioned the 9mm mak because in a post a week or so ago I had mentioned I’d been having trouble finding it.

  2. I have toyed with the idea of reloading for a while now. I’ve done a ton of research, trying to learn all I can. I’ve just needed something to push me into doing it.

    That, and a decent price on equipment.

  3. I too have held off on match participation this spring for the very same reason. Foolishly, I didn’t replace what I used last winter. I am just now starting to find some ammo, mostly “cowboy” loads, so that I can get back into it.


  4. I’m holding off on the reloading set for the exact same reason. Without primers to make them go bang, not worth much.

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