Body Armor Poll…

…linked from a short article in Parade Magazine online regarding the criminal use of body armor with a one line acknowledgment at the end that ” body armor provides potentially lifesaving protection for civilians—everyone from judges to journalists.”

As of this writing, restrictions on body armor are favored by 62% to 38%.

I don’t favor restrictions on any inanimate objects just because they might be used in a crime. It’s just another way for government employees to set themselves out as deserving of more consideration than we lowly peasants. If you feel the same way, please go vote.

Hat tip to J. Tyler Ballance via contact form to The Sentinel.


9 thoughts on “Body Armor Poll…

  1. I want to know who the sixty-plus percent of morons are who believe that body armor sales should be restricted!

  2. who are these people?

    They obviously have never worked private security have they? morons. Just because you never needed a vest doesnt mean no-one needs one, and even more to the point, it doesnt mean you never will.

    Some language in the heller ruling, however, shows a little more inteligence, particularily a citation in the body, which shows that not only is self defense a universal right, but the second amendment probably also protects defensive items as well as weapons.

    The 1773 edition of
    Samuel Johnson’s dictionary defined “arms” as “weapons
    of offence, or armour of defence.” 1 Dictionary of the
    English Language 107 (4th ed.) (hereinafter Johnson).

    Timothy Cunningham’s important 1771 legal dictionary
    defined “arms” as “any thing that a man wears for his
    or takes into his hands, or useth in wrath to cast
    at or strike another.”

  3. Unfortunately you do not need a bot. If you lack ethics like most liberals just delete the cookie “” and you will be able to vote again.

  4. Mauser*Girl, those are the ones who didn’t find out about the poll from gun blogs.

    Right now with 1.4M votes, it’s 74% against regulation.

    Good work everybody.

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