Saw this bird the other day and took a picture (with my fancy-dancy new camera).

Click to make bigger.

It’s a Brown Thrasher and you don’t usually see them out in the open like this. I had a nest of them in my shrubs a couple of years ago. We scared the crap out of each other when I was trimming the hedges one day. I left the nest alone for the summer and assume that they recovered from their shock (as did I), raised their little ones and got on with their lives.

I wonder if this guy is one of their descendants?

Anyway, I just thought it was kind of neat because you really don’t see them around here all that often.

Here’s a couple more pix I took of the dogs the other day. I thought they were kind of neat, but I obviously need to play with the f-stops to get the depth of field down when doing closeups like this.

Buddy (aka “King of the Dogs”)

Roxy (aka “90 pound Chihuahua”)


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  1. Getting the entire face in focus isn’t really very important. However, what is essential any time you are photographing any face is that you have the eyes in focus.

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