Has anyone else noticed…

…that blogger is no longer formatting correctly all the sudden?

When I create a post in “compose” mode, when I use blockquotes, it doesn’t separate paragraphs unless I put two blank lines between them versus one.

When I go into “edit html” mode, the paragraph tags are correct, but after publishing, there’s no blank line between graphs any more. There used to be. This is a recent development. It smushes everything together and makes it hard to read.

I’ve noticed this in blogger comments too. When I’ve commented recently, it’s smushed the paragraphs together versus putting a blank line between them.

So now I have to remember, whenever using blockquotes or commenting through blogger, put two line breaks in between paragraphs to get it to look the way I want after publishing…sigh.

At first I thought it was Firefox that was interpreting the HTML incorrectly, but it does the same thing with IE.

Has anyone else noticed this or am I going crazy?

Maybe the Obama administration has begun taxing blank lines?


10 thoughts on “Has anyone else noticed…

  1. Cap'n, I doubt you're going nuts. But, I haven't noticed any problem with either blockquotes, or in comments. Let's give it a try…I will end this paragraph with a single blank line.

    How's it look?

  2. Worked fine.

    I don't know what the heck is going on.

    I'll go ahead and make an appointment with the nice people in white coats on the fifth floor of Portsmouth Naval Hospital just in case.

  3. Curt,

    Hold off on that appointment, I've noticed it several times.

    I've also noticed it with using italics, especially in comments.

    Thought I was going crazy, if I am glad to have great company.

  4. I haven't figured out the old way of doing things, but Google could become like Microsoft – constant unwanted improvements and blind intersections and dead ends abounding…

  5. Cap'n, the comment you left back looks fine, too…as do the others. I don't know if you did your double line deal or not.

    Could just be an intermittent glitch that I have missed out on, since Bob S. has noticed it too.

  6. Have you compared the HTML of the published post, as it is delivered to your browser, vs. what's shown in the composer's HTML mode? (In Firefox, right click on the page, and select 'view source'.) Could be some whiz kid decided that the Blogger code should parse the post and "correct" what is determined by said parser to be incorrectly nested or terminated HTML, and is doing it poorly, in some circumstances. I used to have lots of trouble with pMachine's parser (it used 'pCode' (which looked very much like BBCode) to store posts, and then convert them to HTML for display). I've had somewhat similar problems with WordPress trying to helpfully add tags when publishing, in order to display "correct" HTML which looked like crap in the browser.

    Also, I seriously doubt it's an issue of changes in your template's CSS, but it's certainly possible to screw up formatting by tweaking attributes for the P and BLOCKQUOTE tags.

  7. Sorry for the obvious question, but are you posting from the dashboard or from something third-party like Scribefire? I used to use Scribefire a lot, but one of their updates several months back caused an error message every time I tried to post. And it wasn't just a Blogger problem. I have one of those free WordPress sites that I played around with just to see how WordPress works, and I got the same error message when using Scribefire to post to it.

    Anyway I haven't noticed any such problems as you described.

  8. Curt,

    I haven't noticed the line break problem, although I typically use HTML mode when creating my posts.

    Let's see if line breaks work OK in this comment. I'm only using a single line break between the paragraph above and this one.

    Looks OK in preview mode, we'll see if it looks OK after I publish. If it does, maybe your keyboard's haunted. 🙂

  9. I haven't tweaked any attributes recently.

    And I post from the blogger dashboard.

    I first started noticing it when commenting on other blogs, but it wasn't consistent. I'm not sure what sets it off, but sometimes I'd post a comment and the line breaks had been removed. I'll have to start really paying attention when I post comments to try and figure out what's causing it.

    When I'm posting, it only happens within blockquote tags. Line breaks work fine anywhere else.

    Thanks for all the input. If I ever figure out what's causing it, I'll be sure to let you know.

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