I have a question:

When did the vast number of disparate and independent doctors, hospitals, clinics, nurses and other medical care providers, and the vast number if disparate, independent and competing providers of medical insurance, suddenly become a “system” in need of government regulation, oversight and control?

Why don’t we have a “national automotive repair system” or a “national lawn care system” that are similarly in need of government control?

It occurs to me that a major part of the problem with our “national health care system” is that we HAVE a “national health care system”.

What say ye?


5 thoughts on “I have a question:

  1. Seriously, don't give them any more ideas… before long, it will be a "right" to have your car maintained and repaired.

  2. As a worker bee in our current health care system, I can tell you it already has the framework for a national health care system.
    Any hospital that take Medicare/Medicaid must treat anyone who walks in the door regardless of their ability to pay. Our operation takes M/M and is subject to State Inspections with ever changing and bizarre requirements, that require many expensive man hours that don't go to patient care. The Gov decides if the M/M payments will be made which means the owners will jump through any hoop to keep them happy. We are only one short step away from Obama paradise right now.

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