LAYERS of editorial oversight…

…isn’t that the reason that legacy media gives for it’s superiority over “new” media?

I’m not going to address the tactical implications of defending oneself with an unloaded firearm, or the “feel good” nature of the gullible store owner letting the thug go (and even giving him money) after said thug raises his right hand and swears fealty to the shopowner’s religion.

What I’m going to address in this story is this:

Incredible Video Shows Compassionate L.I. Deli Owner Turn Tables With Shotgun, But Then Offer Handout [italics added]

When a baseball bat burglar threatened bodily harm, deli owner-victim Mohammed Sohail unexpectedly turned the tables and pulled out a shotgun. [bold added]

In the associated video, the “journalists” continually refer to the defensive firearm used as a “shotgun”.

That’s the funniest looking shotgun I’ve ever seen.

It looks just like a Hi Point pistol caliber carbine.

Of course, I must be mistaken because you know the “journalists” couldn’t have gotten it wrong…I mean, they have LAYERS of editorial oversight to ensure that they get the facts straight…right?

Oh…And by the way…


Hat tip to my best friend CB, via e-mail.


4 thoughts on “LAYERS of editorial oversight…

  1. One footnote: I just saw an interview with the shopkeeper on the Fox channel.

    The shopkeeper claimed he didn't even have any "bullets" in the gun.


  2. I wondered about that. i've only seen a High Point once, so i wasn't sure. i was pretty sure it wasn't a shotgun.


  3. They are a well kept secret, cheap, accurate, and hard to find. The only drawback is that the mags only hold 10. If you have one of them, DO NOT BUY THE 15 ROUND PROMAGS, they suck. I had 2, but the girlfriend insisted the 9mm was hers, at least it kept her from getting my M1 carbine, which she also loves.

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