Leave a message at the beep…

I’m not home.

I got sent on a short notice business trip so here I am in the People’s Republic of California for the next two weeks. Luckily, I should be gone before the state runs out of money and chaos descends in a month or so.

I’m in Oxnard (about an hour north of LA) and it seems something important happened Sunday night (right as I was flying in to LAX). I think it was related to a sporting event and had something to do with lakes or something. Rowing maybe?

Anyway, I guess the team that Los Angelinos supported lost because they got all upset and burned stuff in the streets and trashed cars and buildings and looted a shoe store (how a shoe store had anything to do with defeating a rowing team and was deserving of punishment, I have no idea). Fortunately, I escaped the city without harm.

I can see why California is so strict on gun ownership. I’ve been here for two days and I’ve already seen three stories on the local news about people dying in car crashes…hey…wait a minute…

Although I know it’s nothing new to my loyal and dedicated reader (hi honey), expect blogging to continue to be light. I’ve got a “high speed internet” connection here in the hotel, but apparently “high speed” is a relative term. As compared to, say, sponge migration, I suppose it’s high speed. Plus I don’t have my comfy office to blog from, I’ve got a high desk and a low chair, the combination of which makes using a computer slightly less uncomfortable than a root canal.

My room does, however, have a semi equipped kitchen. That means I don’t have to eat out every night and can “cook” for myself. I took advantage of the situation last night by fixing myself a delicacy which my wife doesn’t like and so, I’ve been unable to indulge in for a while: Manwich.



6 thoughts on “Leave a message at the beep…

  1. An hour south of LA is better, San Diego is where we hid Republicans, and the desert is popular for Palma shooters.
    I'm up north awaiting the collapse…
    I do a little dinghy sailing on a small lake up here but that's all I know – do they even have lakes in SoCal? I thought it was just beaches. I really don't know nuthin' about SoCal, it might as well be another state. We don't know anybody down there and never have a reason to go down there, and the amount of time it takes to drive, we might as well fly to Maui.

  2. Your wife reads your blog? That's pretty cool.

    One of our munchkins lives in SF… I don't know how she can stand it. I'm thinking as she gets older it'll start to wear on her and little Idaho will grow more attractive. hope it happens before the darktimes get here.

  3. Manwhich. Wow…

    I bought a can a long time ago and showed my mife how it was used. She listened intently and placed it in the cabinet.

    It's still there.

  4. Ah yes – Oxnard.

    As I recall it was the butt of many jokes on "Laugh In".

    Good luck on getting out ASAP!


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