Personal news update

Today’s my last day in the PRC. I should cross the border back into FA (“Free America” for you non-fans of Red Dawn) around 11:00pm.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that blogging will become any more prolific: My wife’s Grandfather passed away a couple of days ago. We’ll be heading up to Maine for his service around mid-week next week (which means we’ll be driving through a couple more totalitarian states…New Jersey and New York) so we’ll be getting ready for that. It’s about a 12 hour drive and we’ll be on our way back right smack in the middle of the July 4th holiday weekend so prayers for travel mercies, as well as for my wife’s family’s loss would be appreciated.

Strangely, his passing hasn’t been the subject of non-stop news coverage since it was announced. Maybe the AP missed the press release.


3 thoughts on “Personal news update

  1. Sorry about your loss. Stay safe on the roads this weekend. There's bound to be lunatics out there.

    On a better note, you can look forward to driving through New Hampshire.

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