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…for increased levels of PSH and screams that those evil “assault rifles” must be banned NOW, in 3…2…1…


A lot more details in the story linked below now. I hate it when they update existing stories rather than print new ones. I don’t often check back to see if the article has changed. Thanks to Lawyer for hinting that there were more details.

Chesapeake officer’s rush hour shooting shuts down highway

A city police officer was shot Monday afternoon as he and other officers tried to corner a vehicle that ran from police in Norfolk earlier in the day.

Authorities did not say what kind of weapon was used, but they warned helicopters hovering overhead that they believed the suspects had a high-powered rifle.

A couple of things to point out: As Lawyer mentioned, it took the Police two minutes to respond after the abduction itself only took about 45 seconds to transpire.

Even though the Police reportedly got a good description of the van, the license number, and the victim was even wearing a tracking device that allowed them to track the vehicle…by the time they found the van, the victim was already dead.

Still no mention in the press about possible gang affiliations, but I’d put money on it.

Finally, the media still can’t report on guns without hysteria and sensationalism:

Wright said White exited the van with a high-powered automatic weapon and began firing on police.

Even in the unlikely event that they actually were using an automatic weapon, I seriously doubt that they were using a BAR, M-14 or any other actual “high powered” firearm. Anyone wanna bet that it was a semi-auto SKS or AK knock-off?

Interesting (or lucky, not sure which) that the perpetrator was killed by the police using handguns whereas the single Police Officer hit by the thug “spray-firing from the hip with a weapon powerful enough to penetrate body armor and designed only to kill as many people as possible in a short time” survived.

Maybe the type of weapon isn’t as important as shot placement and accuracy after all?



Update 2

A followup story today regarding the perpetrator:

The man who shot at Chesapeake police and was killed by their return fire Monday had been released from jail because of a clerical error, according to court documents.

White faced charges in Norfolk of robbery, conspiracy, use of a firearm during the commission of a felony, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. A Circuit Court order signed by a judge on Feb. 13 said White was erroneously released on a $7,500 bond “when none had been granted,” and that his release was “due to an error in paperwork in the General District Court.”

The “clerical error” that resulted in his release notwithstanding, the guy was a convicted felon.

But he had a gun anyway. As Uncle would say: “Unpossible”.

Obviously, the fact that it was illegal for him to possess a firearm in the first place wasn’t enough of a deterrent. We need to make it illegaler by outlawing that particular type of gun…that’ll stop ’em in the future.

/Update 2

I’ve already seen claims that the perpetrators were using an “assault rifle”

Whether the criminals were actually using a medium powered firearm that looks similar to a military rifle, or a true high powered hunting style rifle, and whether we ever even find out for sure what type of rifle was used, you can count on the hoplophobes exploiting the blood of this Police Officer to further their political agenda.

BTW: There aren’t many details available yet, but, while all the stories reported that the chase and following shootout were subsequent to a reported abduction, only the Daily Press provided this detail:

The abduction reportedly involved a suspect in another crime and a witness.

We’ll probably never know for sure because the papers tend to not report these types of connections, but what do you want to bet that this was gang related?

But it’s the guns that are the problem, right?


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  1. Thanks for the link. In this case, the police reacted quickly. I did have to make a note on my blog about the response time, though.

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