They weren’t kidding…

When they predicted low voter turnout in the Democrat Primary today.

About four hours until the polls close and I was voter number 110 in my heavily democrat precinct of 3,335 registered voters.

Any Virginia Gun Owners out there that wants to have a say about who McDonnell is going to run against this fall should cast their votes. We could easily be the deciding factor.

To recap: Terry Mcauliffe and Brian Moran both have long records of supporting gun control. Moran fairly recently (after deciding to run for Governor) began voting in the interests of mainstream Virginians…at the expense of the Northern Virginia constituents who elected him and who routinely support gun control.

Creigh Deeds has an equally long record of supporting gun rights, but recently (after deciding to run for Governor) initiated a compromise bill to “close” the mythical “gun show loophole”.

In summary, you have one extremely liberal, avowed anti-gunner against two typical politicians who will say and do whatever they feel is politically expedient at the time.

Not much of a choice, but I voted for Deeds. He has the best record of supporting gun rights…his recent wart notwitstanding…and, as an added bonus, he is ardently opposed by those who would exploit the Virginia Tech tragedy to further their personal political agenda.

Virginia primaries are open so you need not be a registered Democrat (there actually is no such thing in Virginia) to participate in the primary. Gun owners, get out there and let your voices be heard.


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