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I have an acquaintance who’s contemplating stocking up on some potentially valuable resources just in case they become scarce someday and can be used for barter, or to sell for capital as the need arises.

Now, most of you probably would immediately think that my friend is stocking upon on guns and ammo. Nope…he’s thinking about something of more…um…general appeal…to the public: Booze.

I wouldn’t have thought of it, but his reasoning seems sound to me. Much like me, he feels that government run health care is a done deal in this country in some form or another. Everyone knows that when we abdicate responsibility to the government, we are also granting them authority over any actions that may affect that responsibility.

Which, of course, means that the modern day puritans…the health Nazis if you will…will have free reign to tax, regulate and otherwise impede those things they see as heresy out of existence…or at least drive them underground. Heck, they’re already doing it.

There is, of course, also the specter of complete economic collapse, in which case items for barter could become more valuable than money or even gold. Although gold is bright and shiny and durable and has been used for trade since the dawn of history, you can’t eat it, it won’t shelter you from the rain, it won’t keep you warm, and you can’t drown your troubles in it.

At any rate, he is considering buying a case (or two, or five) of something to keep for Justin Case.

Now, he wants to maximize his purchasing power, but he wants to get something that will be at least somewhat in demand…and if the unthinkable happens and government run health care never comes to pass and the economy rebounds…something that he can actually drink if needs be.

He’s thinking Whiskey…probably bourbon or Canadian whiskey. He’s got some prices on a few brands but was looking for input from the peanut gallery.

The obvious choice for me would be Jack Daniels, but that’s relatively pricey and would limit the quantities he could afford. The other choices he’s mulling are:

Canadian Mist
Beam Eight Star
Jim Beam (80 proof)
Early Times

Anyone out there have any suggestions or recommendations based on his stated purpose? Relatively inexpensive, but drinkable whiskey?

Also, are there any particular states or localities that have better prices on booze than others?

Is this a silly idea or is he a genius?

Input would be greatly appreciated.


12 thoughts on “Buddy Bleg

  1. i prefer Canadian Club or Seagrams 7/VO myself…

    but i would be concerned about the breaking down of non clear liquors over time… i would think that vodka or rum would last longer… Bacardi is cheap and you can just buy it by the case and stash it away…

  2. If a person has what they consider enough of a stockpile and want to supplement it, booze would probably be a good bet. Another thing may be spices. If there is a collapse that results in years of no national food transportation, there's going to be a demand for certain spices not available locally in many parts of the US. Of course, ammo is probably the best bet….

  3. Curtis, I'm not much of a drinker myself. But my brother-in-law (who can afford anything) drinks Evan Williams whiskey. It's really cheap. And I'm figuring that even a "whiskey snob" would trade something for it if he couldn't get to the likka sto!

    BTW: In the absence of total economic collapse, I am stocking up on incandescent light bulbs. I have a garage half-full…enough to last my natural life, and some to black-market after CFL's are the law. Just passing the idea along…

  4. In the absence of total economic collapse, I am stocking up on incandescent light bulbs.

    That's funny. When we were talking last night, both my buddy and I revealed that we are doing the same thing.

    The first to go will be 100 Watters…they're already slated to be legislated out of existence (I believe) next year. Every time I'm in a store that has packs of 100 Watt bulbs for $1.00 or less, I buy a few. I've got quite a collection stored up. After those go away, I'll start in on the smaller sizes.

    Also we discussed the fact that when I was in Walmart last week, they had a selection of VERY inexpensive, off-brand incandescents in weird wattage ratings: 43 Watts, 67 Watts, 79 Watts, etc. (seconds that failed testing from major manufacturers?) anyway, they were only 77 cents for a pack of four. Can't beat the price.

  5. Interesting comment about spices.

    That's a good play in general if facing inflation. Purchases of durable goods at current prices is an investment returned as prices rise. Dry spices, replacing aged major appliances, canning jars & lids, an extra pair of boots?, those things you'd expect to buy regardless that you might as well buy now while they're "cheap".. especially when you find them on sale, etc.

    I remember the panic runs on canning jar LIDS in the 70s. Everyone had jars and rings. It was lids in short supply. Won't be the same now as I assume not many people can or even know how. Present company excepted.

    On incandescent lamps, my local janitorial supply house sells them in cases through will call. The interesting thing is the 100w and 60w are exactly the same price. I don't think they beat the Walmart odd lamp prices, but they're cheap enough to put some back.

  6. Yeah Curtis, every time I see REAL light bulbs on sale, I clear out the 60's, 75's, and 100's.

    Other folks in the store think it's strange…but one day they will understand…

  7. There are good, inexpensive whiskeys out there. Evan Williams, already mentioned is one of them. Ezra Brooks is another very good bourbon. Watch for after holiday specials for Scotch. There are usually some specially packaged single malts around Christmas, and they will be marked down in January.

  8. My understanding of it is that most any booze, especially if kept out of direct sunlight, will last years when unopened.

    Can't help with the brands mentioned, not having had any of them.

  9. if your buddy wants to stockpile, why not by a couple of cases of Everclear and then make your own "flavors…" 😉

  10. The problem isn't CFL's in and of themselves, they have advantages and disadvantages just like Incandescents do.

    The problem is the government just arbitrarily deciding that they are gong to choose FOR me what I should use.

    I actually do use CFL's in many of my fixtures; but there are some applications that they just aren't adequate or appropriate.

    Because I say so. And because it should be MY choice (remember that whole "it's a free country" thing that we used to say?), not the choice of some statist, authoritarian bureaucrat who just decides he knows what's better for me than I do.

    So…I plan to have a lifetime supply of incandescents built up by the time they start disappearing from the shelves. I'm not the only one, and I predict a robust black market in them within months of the government mandating that they go away.

    Where there's a demand, there WILL be a supply, no matter how badly some wanna-be dictator tries to make it go away.

    How's that war on drugs going anyway?

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