Exceeding my daily recommended allowance…

…for blog posts.

I simply cannot believe that this made it onto the editorial pages of a newspaper…even a relatively minor one like the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette:

The so-called gun-show loophole makes it sound as if gun shows are where criminals go to bypass laws that apply outside of gun shows. That is false – twice. First of all, criminals tend to avoid gun shows, and, second, gun shows are not exempt from any gun laws at all. There really is no loophole.

Factual. Even-handed. No hysteria. Completely devoid of any of the characteristics of modern newspaper editorializing (or even “reporting” for that matter).

Perhaps some in the legacy media are beginning to “get it”?

Time will tell.


1 thought on “Exceeding my daily recommended allowance…

  1. I'm typically cynical, but I'm starting to give in to a little hope that this grass roots movement is starting to take hold.

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